Lyme is a complex illness

Lyme is a complex illness.  We are doing well because we treat parasites, candida, metals, fungus, strep, lyme, teeth and other organs.  The presets make it so easy.  I always start with healing (524) and end with toxin eliminate (1165).

I have also learned that you have to create a body where the bad organisms do not want to live.

1) Detoxification – the foot baths and we use infrared sauna 2 times a week.

2) Supplements – Calcium Bentonite Clay, Probiotics, Himalayan Salt, Vit. C, MSM, and green foods

This combination has been amazing for us.  We are 1000% better than we were just at Christmas.

Unfortunately, it is just a long road and takes some patience.

Something important that I want to share with you about the BX Ultra.  Your dog story inspired me to try something, and it is been fantastic.

Because we are having to treat so many issues and because I am treating children as well as myself, I have started using the machine without contact for non lyme treatments.  My kiddos only have a tolerance for about 1 1/2 hours a few days a week.  I could not get the results I needed in that time, so now I use that time to treat the lyme directly (#719).  Then as they go to bed, I unplug the foot and hand attachments and run the yeast, candida, parasites, etc. programs.  We have had amazing results.  It may take more time, but they just fall asleep to the machine running.  Even without direct contact I see the parasites, etc. in the elimination the next day (sorry for the detail, but it shows the machine is working).  The machine is powerful enough to treat without direct contact.  This way I can treat myself and the kids 4+hours in a day without everyone going crazy.  For me this was HUGE!

I will continue to keep you up to date. I bought our unit from and am very pleased.

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