BCX ULTRA Deluxe vs BCX  Lite Rife Machine

Below are the differences between the BCX Lite & BCX Deluxe unit w Beamtube.  

The BCX Ultra Deluxe unit (up to 300 w, 4 Mhz depending on accessory) is the ‘full’ unit that runs ‘all’ BCX accessories. It is well known for its power, superior quality & precision, widest variety of accessories view , high frequency range & much more. Our famous BCX contact Plasma Raytubes use multiple energy types details. Carrier & Frequency wave 1 – 4 MillionHz (variable, not fixed) & runs ALL Rife’s Original Frequencies. Carrier Wave can be on or off. BCX Ultra Deluxe unit (frequency generator w built-in amplifier) & up to 300 watts depending on the BCX accessory. Each BCX Accessory adds additional power. Any BCX accessory can be ordered later if it did not originally come with your unit pkg. We recently came out with a new BCX Deluxe pkg called the “BCX Double Blaster Beam pkg” which is 300 watts & 360 degree coverage for the Deluxe unit NOT the Lite. more details..  

The BCX Ultra Lite unit (150 w, 4 Mhz):  ‘Combines’ the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit w the  BCX High Powered beam tube (this is a plug in accessory for the Deluxe unit) into 1 unit & can run the BCX electrodes (metal footplates, metal cylinders, & gel pads, microcurrent garments sold separately) but it does not run the other BCX accessories.  Our Beam tube is the most powerful beam tube on the market! more details..  

The Beam tube is more powerful than the contact Plasma Raytubes HOWEVER the Plasma Raytubes touch the body and go from one tube thru the body to the other tube and the Beamtube has to push thru the air and doesn’t touch the body so the Beatumbe requires more power. We are well known for our Plasma Raytubes.    BCX Ultra Plasma Beamtubes, have a frequency and carrier wave range from 1 Hz. to 4 million Hz. Some people prefer to run the unit at night while sleeping. The power output is 100% within one foot of the beam tube. The Beam tubes can run all Pre-stored Programs and Custom Programs. The sweeping programs for the general microbes are excellent programs to run with the beam tube not only because they are lengthy programs but also since the carrier wave is in the MHz range. It is optimal to be within 1-2 feet of the beam tube while running a program. Keep in mind the further you are away from the unit, the power decreases even though the signal can be picked up for quite a distance.      

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