WHY BCX ULTRA Rife Frequency Generator?

1. Wide Range of Wave Types including our exclusive Square ‘Pulse’ Wave. Wave Types are imperative to kill of organisms. Here is why https://rifemachineblog.net/?p=388

2. Runs ALL ORIGINAL RIFE Frequencies. BCX Ultra runs from 1Hz up to 4MHz. NOTE: 4MHz is enough to run Rife’s Original Frequencies

3. Wide Range of Apparatuses/Electrodes both included and optional (see what is new & upcoming).

4. Our Hand-held Plasma Ray Beam Tubes click on Hand-Held Ray Tubes vs. Metal Wands

5. Any Software Upgrades, just send in your unit to get the latest & greatest. Future option will be through your computer.

6. Radio Carrier Wave & Gating Wave. A Radio Carrier wave is a absolutely necessary in order to carrier the frequency deep in to the body. If a rife machine does not have a Radio Carrier wave then it is basically useless. Rife himself used a Radio Carrier wave.   

7. Our ‘Square Pulse Wave’ – Pulses a Square Wave. We have found this to more effective then the Standard Square Wave and better results are being seen with the die off.

8. Amplifier & Frequency Generator are both built-in to our BCX Ultra unit. Our previous models were built separately.

9. Exciting New Apparatuses that will connect with the BCX Ultra.

10. Longest producing rife machine manufacturer for over 20yrs starting with the Biotec 2000

11. We use Crystal circuitry board technology to get an exact frequency and we have the fastest surge rate of any unit. BCX Ultra: 150nsec from 1 to 4.00MHz . What does a faster surge rate translate to? It means better results for killing off organisms.

12. Rife devices that directly generate the highest Rife frequencies electrically through conduction (ie metal apparatuses) rather than by means of a ray tube can generate the frequencies conductively, however their systems do NOT deliver the same types of energies. BCX Ultra Ray tubes deliver a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from infrared, to electromagnetic fields, to electrostatic fields, to conductive electron flow (electricity), to light in the visible spectrum and beyond. Skin acts as an insulator to electron flow. This can be demonstrated when skin has a cut in it and one touches the metal apparatus they will feel a shock vs. touching skin without a cut.  Skin effect does not prevent high frequencies from penetrating, it just provides some resistance. Some current does get through. If the skin effect cuts the current in half, and you double the power, you will get the same power penetration as low frequencies.
The BCX Ultra has a carrier wave that can be set from 1hz to 4 Mhz (electrodes/BT-HFPCM2 beam tube) and up to 100,000 Hz for the hand-held plasma tubes.  We allow customers to change the carrier wave so you can do your own research and see what results you get. Based on our customers and clinics results, hands down the hand-held ray tubes outperform the metal cylinders. We include metal cylinders with our units and of course one can get results with these apparatuses however they do not get the same results with our clients as the hand-held plasma ray tubes. Bottom line what matters is clients results and again you have the ability to modify the carrier wave to see what results you get.
The BCX Ultra has a carrier frequency so that the audio frequency can piggyback (carried) by the RF frequency (the carrier) causing the frequencies to penetrate deeper and farther. RF or radio frequencies above about 200,000 Hertz broadcast very well which is why they are called radio frequencies. Frequencies between 20,000 and 200,000 Hz broadcast to some degree, while frequencies below 20,000 Hz do not broadcast at all. Both the RF carrier and audio frequency can be set anywhere from 1hz to 4Mhz.There are prestored programs with audio frequencies and carrier wave already set however carrier wave and other settings can be changed if so desired. The BCX Ultra gives you the ability to research and do your own testing. We are using 44660Hz for the carrier default at this time because which we are getting good results.

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