Another Lyme Story

From: Tim H.
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 11:28 AM
Subject: RE: Welcome to the BCX Ultra Team!

Thanks for sending another cord for the led wands.  I got it yesterday in the mail and tried it with the red and green led’s and it worked!! So thanks.

Just an update on me and my wife (both have general lyme/candida/coinfection issues).  When I got the machine a couple weeks ago my wife had the flu coincidentally and I was coming down with some form of it so we were in the middle of a battle.  I didn’t want to just jump into rifing for lyme etc because it makes sense not to overload your body while acutely sick.  So I ran some flu programs instead.  I can’t say this was all rife because she was on her third or fourth day of being sick anyways, but the next morning her fever was broke and she’s been getting over the flu just fine. 

Once I started feeling better I ran a candida program each day on me and my neck area broke out in a light detox rash.  I’ve also ran the “MP8 Virus clear” the last 2 weeks for the fun of it since the flu has been around.

Three days ago on saturday I decided to give the “MP2 Lyme 1” program a try.  I ran it for 5 min each frequency.  A little longer than probably recommended initially.  I’m very familiar with “herx” type symptoms and was really looking to find out if this machine has any punch to it.  I didn’t mind paying for it a little later physically, just to have the peace of mind to know this machine actually worked.  Sunday and Monday I had a pretty significant herx.  It was mostly in my kidney area, but I had some serious breakdown throughout my body and my kidney’s were working overtime.  I’ve been drinking tons of distilled water and stopped rifing til this is over.  Took a nice hot bath last night to sweat.  My kidneys feel much better today so I’ll do the lyme program again but only 1 min each frequency to take it easier on my body.  Long story short, I’m absolutely convinced this machine works.  I’m not saying it’s my silver bullet, and I’m out of the woods etc but I’m very pleased with my first experience with this lyme program.  It gives me hope.  I think the key now will be consistency to run the programs even if I see no change.

I actually have a couple questions about the machine and some settings, but I’ll have to ask them later in a different email.  I’m at work and don’t have much time.

Thank you so much,

 Tim H.

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