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I just attended the Lyme conference in San Francisco. The reality really hits to the devastation of what lyme does in a person’s life when you are at a conference and see people using canes, walkers and talking to many people who have lost jobs and homes. I talked to Doctors well into the evening and learned as much as I could to pass on to you folks. Here are some observations I want to pass on:  the word is herpes 6,  mycoplasma and chronic fatigue are related with lyme. A person with lyme should definitely do the frequencies for the above. The frequencies for herpes type 6 are: 228, 1820, 3640, 3641, 7281. Any time you are dealing with any type of herpes or shingles use the famous 4: 1552, 2489, 2950, 2347  for 20 minutes each. The frequencies for mycoplasma are: 345, 434.6, 453.4, 468.7, 554, 647.4, 627, 735.4, 773.4, 856, 887, 935.5. See your frequency manual for chronic fatigue.

 All people, especially with lyme, should do bursalosis and herpes type 5 (cytomegalovirus ‘CMV’). The frequencies for bursalosis are: 344, 447.6, 475, 633, 944, 3443, 6782, 10,456. The frequencies for CMV are: 126, 597, 629, 682, 1045, 2146, 2144, 2145, 8848, 8856. For CMV HC use: 20362.91, 1013.81.

 Many Rife practitioners use all of the above as standard protocol for general clean up because so many of their clients have these microbes in their bodies. So often these are a base for so many of the other diseases. I am told that many people get quite a herx from the bursalosis and mycoplasma sets.

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