COMPARISON Rife Machine (BCX Ultra vs. Other Rife Machines)


COMPARISON of BCX Ultra Rife Machine vs. Most “Rife Machine” devices

BCX Ultra

Rife Machine


Comparable Rife Machines


Most Rife frequency generators

**majority not  true rife machines
juat frequency generators
Royal Rife’s Radio Frequencies (RF) (ALL) Not all Conduction Only
RF (Radio) Carrier Wave 1hz to 4 Million hz limited range usually fixed
Runs Frequencies (RF)
3 3 0
Runs Frequencies
3* Are there issues w running many
frequencies at once?

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varies 1 to 8 2
Single audio frequency
Plasma Ray tube Some Yes, Some No
Ray tube harmonics

** Why ray tubes?

Hand-held ray tubes,
Vortex beam tube,
BT-HFPCM2 Beam Tube
range from metal cylinders
to Ray Beam Tubes
Frequency range 4 Million Hz
NOTE:4MHz  enough to run Rife’s Original Frequencies
from 20,000Hz to 20MHz 10,000Hz. most devices
Analog frequencies
50% Duty Cycle
10 – 90% Duty cycle  1 – 99% Duty Cycle not all
Square Wave & Sine Wave not all some Yes/ some No
Other Wave Types (ie  Pulse Square, Triangle, Hoyland, Trapezoid, Exponential RampUp, Exponential RampDown, Linear RampUp, Linear RampDown, Odd Order Harmonic, Even Order Harmonic, Custom Waves)** Why are wave types important?
Power levels  18 watts unit,30 watts Hand Held Ray Tubes,150 watts plasma beam tube delivery, **Conductive power limited to safe levels ranging .20 watts to 118 watts .20 watts to 10 watts
Pre-stored programs
Custom programs
Gating not all not all
Frequency sweeps
Converge sweeps not all
Displays frequencies not all

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The BCX Ultra rife machine uses both induction & conduction methods. Induction used by Dr. Rife. His two business partners, John Crane and John Marsh, used both induction and conduction.

The Induction method is the Plasma Ray Beam Tubes method of transferring frequencies.  This method, developed by Royal Rife, delivers a spectrum of energies that range from light in the visible spectrum, to conductive electron flow, to electromagnetic fields, to electrostatic fields, infrared and more. Frequencies are delivered into the body using the ‘Induction’ none-contact method. Scientific tests known as ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ have been done which show that frequencies will penetrate the body verifying the method that Dr. Rife used.

The    BCX Ultra Hand-Held plasma Raytubes  use induction (like Royal Rife’s  equipment), but when you hold them (conduction) the power increases dramatically. Each BCX Ultra hand-held Raytube is using a different polarity, creating an electrical attraction between them where the body becomes the medium. This is a modern day invention that is  an evolution of the Rife Beam Tube. For more details.. click for more info

The Conduction method is the contact method w metal hand held electrodes. This method uses ‘Conduction’ which is the contact method of delivering frequencies through a positive and a negative polarity using electricity. Both John Crane and John Marsh used this method (not Royal Rife). The ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ scientific tests show frequencies delivered by this method pass through the skin and penetrate into the body. The drawback to this method is depth of penetration but it is overcome by using an RF radio carrier frequency. If no RF carrier wave  then low audio frequencies will only enter the the connective tissue of the body. With a RF carrier wave the low audio frequencies will also penetrate the cells.

The BCX Ultra rife machine is able to output Dr. Rife’s RF frequencies since it incorporates the two methods. The BCX Ultra has a radio carrier wave so that the audio frequency can be piggyback by the RF carrier wave allowing the frequencies to penetrate deep into the connective tissue and the cells of the body. Both the BCX Ultra RF carrier and audio frequencies can be set anywhere from 1hz to 4Mhz. Most rife devices either don’t have a carrier wave or if the do then it is fixed or limited range. The BCX Ultra rife machine has over 1200 pre-stored programs with audio frequencies & carrier waves already set for your convenience. However if you desire to change or experiment you can change any of the settings including the carrier wave. The BCX Ultra rife machine gives you the ability to do your own research.

“Scalar waves  are emissions that are not part of the  electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. A few innovative researchers have evidence that  some plasma devices emit scalar waves (as apparently did Royal Rife’s instrument)and  that these scalar waves help regenerate  the body as well as possibly devitalize pathogens”- Nenah Sylver PHD, The Rife Handbook (2011 Edition)

IMPORTANT INFO on BCX ULTRA Rife Machine Waveforms:

The BCX Ultra rife machine stands out heads above other rife machine manufacturers in how it generates waveforms. Other manufacturers will use a DSP (digital synthesizing processor) .. for detailed info & why wave types are imperative to killing off organisms..

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Another example is our hand-held Ray tubes (Why ray tubes ?)

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