1. Is there a need to run above 4.00 MHz (4,000,000 Hz)? 4 Mhz is high enough to run Rife’s Original frequencies.
  2. Why would I want to get a standalone Beam Tubes vs HandHeld apparatuses? Most rife frequency generators only include a Metal type apparatus (usually metal cylinders). BCX Ultra includes a wide range of Apparatuses/Electrodes and offer optional additional apparatuses. Most people experience success with just their included Hand-held Ray Tubes (30 watts) & metal apparatuses (ie footplates, metal cylinders). However with the stand alone high powered BCX Ultra Beamtubes Blaster pkg (300 watts) can kill off organisms at a faster rate due to the intense power they produce.
  3. Why is a ‘Hand-held’ Plasma Ray Beam Tubes apparatus better then the metal apparatuses? Royal R. Rife always used ray tubes with his rife frequency devices. The BCX Ultra Hand Held Ray Tubes complete the circuit by running through the body between the Ray Tubes held in each hand, thus guaranteeing that the frequencies flow through the entire subject. The hand held Ray Tubes produce a much higher voltage than pad devices and push the frequencies far deeper into the research subject. There is also the Magnetic Effect produced by gas-filled Ray Tubes, which can be tested, especially when used in conjunction with the radio frequencies (RF) penetrating thoroughly into the subject. Most people prefer the “soft” “energetic” “warm” feel of the hand held glass tubes compared to the electrical bite felt from the stainless steel metal electrodes. Many people report that the hand held glass Ray Tubes ‘glow and flow’ has a relaxing calming, softening effect on their body. Refer to links for test data proof
  4. Are there Rife Machine units that can provide any software upgrades or hardware upgrades? Having a Rife machine that has the ability to receive Software Upgrades and hardware upgrades is a great benefit. This way you can receive the latest and greatest. The BCX Ultra you can send in your unit to get the latest & greatest. Future option will be through your computer. For hardware upgrades in most cases your unit for a nominal fee can be upgraded, contact them for an estimate.
  5.  Why is a Radio Carrier Wave & Gating Wave important? For details refer to  Radio Carrier Wave and Gating Wave definitions
  6. Why do I need to have different Wave Types (i.e. Square Wave or Sign Wave) For details for why  Wave Types are imperative
  7. Do I need to buy any additional equipment for your Rife Frequency Generator? Some Rife Frequency Generators do not include any apparatuses. You have to purchase them separately and usually only offer a metal apparatus. Other Rife Frequency Generators have the Amplifier & Frequency Generator as separate units. If they offer a stand-alone beam tube ask if there is additional equipment necessary to run it. The BCX Ultra includes both amplifier and frequency generator built-in  AND (4) Apparatuses are included (proprietary Hand Held RayTubes, metal footplates, metal hand-held cylinders, & pre-gel pads) .
  8. Can you add your own rife frequencies to the Rife Frequency Generator or are you only locked in to what the manufacturer offers? There are thousands of identified frequencies, proprietary frequencies and newly discovered frequencies. It is important to have the ability to add new frequencies. The BCX Ultra has 256 slots (custom programmable programs) to save your own frequencies and for each slot you can save up to 48 frequencies making a total of 12,288 frequencies. You can also combine Pre-Stored programs and save them to your own custom manual program.
  9. What happens if you want to change the settings of a PRE-STORED Program? It is important when you run a pre-stored program you have the ability to make any modifications.
  10. Do You want the ability to SWEEP a range of frequencies? Yes it is a ‘nice to have’ functionality since it can run through a range of frequencies without having to store each individual frequency and with the BCX Ultra you can also sweep thru a range of carrier waves. BCX Ultra does include Pre-stored programs that do a wide sweep of basic microbial clean-up. However please note that you must be sure that the range you are running is valid using this functionality wisely. Just because Frequencies are close in range DOES NOT mean they have the same purpose. An example would be 9.7 Hz for tendons. You don’t want 9.6 or 9.8 because your results will be diminished. Another example, 1444Hz is to normalize testosterone in men and 1445 is to normalize testosterone in women. You certainly wouldn’t want a male using the machine and have the frequency drift up towards 1445. It is important to keep this in mind when you are running sweeping.
    With a sweep you can be doing the wrong frequency the majority of the time except for that brief moment when you brush over the correct freq. With our machine you are doing a sweep in which you can select how long to dwell on a frequency instead of only a few seconds. When you briefly play a frequency for a few seconds you bruise it slightly. Where as seen on Royal Rife’s videos blowing up microorganisms, the microorganism struggles for many seconds or minutes before it blows up. Rife and the early geniuses who worked with Rife new that you needed to strongly hit an organism long enough so that it would build up a big enough resonate charge to blow it up. Again, a few seconds will only tease it.
  11. Why is the Output Power rating of the Ultra higher than the Power Supply power? The BCX Ultra does not merely output a frequency- that is not what Rife machines do. Real Rife machines “Modulate” the frequency. This turns the frequency on and off at a programmed rate with designated waveforms. Thus the average power drawn from the power supply is less than the maximum power that the BCX Ultra delivers.
  12. Do you want to run Multiple Frequencies ? Those who run multiple frequencies simultaneously are seeking the benefits of the time savings to use multiple frequencies. BCX Ultra manufacturer decided to cap at 3 simultaneous frequencies due to the more frequencies ran the more the wattage/power is divided up thereby decreasing the power delivered per frequency. In turn then the user has to repeat the frequencies to get the needed dose. The BCX Ultra can run up to 3 frequencies (frequency wave, carrier wave & gating). Other Manufacturers state differently. ** click for test data proof of this.
  13. How Far Really can a Beam Tube radiate out?

    The output intensity for ANY spherical radiating device is specified by what is referred to as the “Inverse-Square Law”:  Intensity = Power / (4 x PI x Radius^2)
    Example: Power at 1 ft = X Power at 2 ft = X/4 Power at 3 ft = X/9 Power at 4 ft = X/16 Power at 5 ft = X/25 Power at 6 ft = X/36 Power at 7 ft = X/49 Power at 8 ft = X/64 Power at 9 ft = X/81 Power at 10 ft = X/100
    In other words, you have 1% of the power at 10 feet away that you have from 1 foot away. Even at 1,000 ft and more there is still some power, although very small. Without knowing what the desired power level is, you can’t specify an “Output Range”.  If you are interested in maximum power, you want the shortest distance possible. Period. Some Rife Machine manufacturers will specify output ranges effective ie 30 feet out (more or less). As you can see power is not effective this far out but the frequency signal can be picked up. If you don’t have the power then the frequency isn’t effective.


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