Latest flu pneumonia epidemic, Staph is closely tied

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In addition to my previous Staph sets here are the ACTUAL frequencies Rife and Crane used for Staph. When Crane converted Rife’s notes for electronics, Rife said he preferred Sine waves because they more closely resembled his original tube frequencies, and a carrier wave was essential to penetrate organs. The Square sweep wave feature of the BCX is a real bonus!

Staph Aureus – 728, 7270, 478000, 998740, 540, 555171
Staph Albus – 546, 549070

They are excellent for wiping out Staph infections. In this latest flu pneumonia epidemic, Staph is closely tied to several other elements; Pneumovirus, Tuberculosis, Streps, Influenzas, Actinomycosis, etc. When one layer is wiped out, the other layers build up strong, until all disease elements have been destroyed. The curious thing about this new combination of diseases is how the same initial infecting agent can react so differently in people. It is based in a biofilm of EColi and Candida.

I am liaising with several science groups and will have the breakdown for the H1N1, H3N2 and H7N10 flu viruses shortly. These will be killers in years to come and have already done some very serious damage in the community! H7N10 is particularly nasty as it is bio-engineered to carry various payloads of viruses. Knock one off and the other raises it head. NO anti-biotic can disable this package, in fact any attempt will simply provide the catalyst for the virus to mutate. It appears that RIFE is perhaps the only complete treatment to disable ALL components of this new plague and my doctor actually agrees with me for a change! lol.


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