H7N10 & H3N2 strains including Strep Rife Frequencies

Hi Diann,

Please find the following information regarding the full cure for both the H7N10 & H3N2 strains (http://www.hymbas.com/rife/H7N10_H3N2Cure.pdf). This also covers Strep and many other symptoms associated with these awful flu’s.

Suggest that all new BCX’s should have these sets pre-programmed as it would save customers a lot of time.

If needed, use 160 hz for headache relief.

Hold on the main frequencies until symptoms show reaction, i.e. sneezing, tingling in nostrils, stomach gurgling, intestinal gas bubbles moving, running nose, soreness stops, etc. Treatment can be repeated every 12 hours if immediate improvement isn’t noted, otherwise once every 24 hours. Pay attention to symptomatic frequencies, repeat entire program for complete results.

Go gently on treatments, the invading viruses and adjoining pathogens will be killed, but time and water are needed to flush out the dead organisms. Rest and every day improvements will continue. The best outcome noted was overnight relief with no returning illness.

Stay warm and drink plenty of good spring water and hot teas. Repeat every 12 – 24 hours, as needed. Avoid mucus forming dairy products (i.e. milk, cheese, yogurt) due to the sinus drainage being an ideal environment for airborne reintroductions from the public.

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