Lyme, Cancer – What else in the mix not known?

Dear Rife users,

I am not a practitioner, however, I listen up as I talk to clinics, Doctors and practitioners world wide. Many of these people have told me that often when you have cancer, lyme and many other debilitating diseases mycoplasma and cytomegalovirus are in the mix. It is routine for these people to run the freqs for these and get a ‘hit’. For cytomegalovirus & mycoplasma frequencies run the BCX Ultra special programs in the BCX Ultra unit (CP18, CP 24, CP 25, CP 26)  and add these new ones: Dr. Hulda Clark  20362.91  1013.81   Dr. John Garvey  12537  41514  47425  47524  48576  48586  48587  48765. I’m supposed to be Mr. Healthy, however, I got quite a hit off the cyto.  

Thanks..Roger Whitman

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