WAVE FORMS:  You will use square wave for killing pathogens and you will use sine wave for regeneration and healing. The BCX Ultra has many other wave forms to choose from for your experimentation. See why wave types are important for killing pathogens.. details

CARRIER WAVES:  The BCX Ultra has a basic carrier wave that is preset at 100,000 Hz for the handheld plasma glass tubes. The BCX Ultra  carrier wave is variable (up to 4 million hz) and can be changed for experimentation for all of BCX Ultra accessories (handheld plasma ray tubes, electrodes, LEDs, high powered beam tubes, PEMF body matt). Electrodes & high powered beam tubes can run up to 4 million hz.

GATING OR ENTRAINMENT:  This is what we used to call pulse. The previous unit had a pulse rate of about 2/3’s on and 1/3 off. We use 3.5 Hz  as a default in the Ultra. See more on gating below.

DUTY CYCLE:  The Ultra has a default of 90 percent duty cycle. For many years people have run the standard 50% duty cycle. It is now known that a 90 % duty cycle exposes microorganisms to the frequency for 80% more time than a 50% duty cycle. Do the math. 90% is 80% greater than 50%. It is known that  the higher the duty cycle, the greater the coordinative resonance. However, experimenters may chose any duty cycle 1-100 using the Ultra . What is duty cycle? Duty cycle is how long the frequency is on and off when you are running a frequency. For example, if you are running the frequency 100Hz, the frequency is cycling 100 times per second. A 50% duty cycle means that the frequency is on 50 % and off 50% of each second. The 90 % duty cycle means that the frequency is on 90% and off 10 % of each second. During the 90% on it is cycling at the rate of 100 times a second.

MORE ON GATING:  Abrams who worked with Rife used 3.5-4 Hz for gating. Dr. James Bare, a leader in the field of frequency technology, recommends the 20-30-40 Hz range for gating. It is generally believed that the higher the frequency the higher the gating. Rife’s 1939 instrument , which ran in the MHz range, had a 60 cycle gating. What is gating? Gating is another form of modulation. The Ultra is modulating 2 frequencies when it plays an audio frequency with a carrier (RF) frequency. In other words the audio frequency is piggy backed onto a higher frequency. All the time this is happening the Ultra introduces say 3.5 Hz gating so you see that blink, blink as you play your frequencies. More on Gating and Entrainment: Entrainment is defined as: “the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. It is also defined as a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles.” This principle of entrainment is universal in nature. 

MORE ON CARRIER WAVES:  The Ultra has a carrier frequency because simply as the audio frequency piggy backs (is carried) by the RF frequency (carrier) it penetrates deeper and farther. RF or radio frequencies above about 200,000 Hertz broadcast very well and are called radio frequencies. Frequencies between 20,000 and 200,000 Hz broadcast to some degree. Frequencies below 20,000 Hz do not broadcast at all and that is why when using the BCX Ultra you can set  for channel A a RF carrier we provide (up to 4MHz) and for channel B use the desired audio frequency found in the manual.

LIGHT EMMITTING DIODES (LED’S):  Remove the dust cover before using. To see what color your LED is look at the color of the bulbs when they are running. Place the bulbs on or just above the area of the skin to be worked on.                    

GLASS TUBES:  Hold the glass part in the hands or under the arms touching the skin or any other skin area of the body.

GLASS TUBES AND FOOT PLATES.  Generally the glass tubes are used simultaneously with the foot plates. This gives more frequency power into the body. Some people prefer to use the glass tubes alone.

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