Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

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An important bulletin on cytomegalovirus (CMV). CMV keeps coming up more and more. Last weekend I heard a chilling speech by Joyce Riley. She is the famous nurse that is trying to expose what happened in Desert Storm concerning the Gulf War Syndrome and what is happening right now in Iraq of that nature. She spent some time explaining the CMV element that is developing right now in our soldiers in Iraq and how it seems to have a man made element to it. She warned us that the CMV is now entering the general population from the exposures from our men and women returning home who served in Iraq.  

I have had it reported to me from people who do extensive Rife work that they find that CMV is very often foundational to many of the maladies they work with and that they always clean up first with CMV freq’s when working with a client. Here are the freq’s for CMV (human herpes type 5) in our manual: 126,  597,  629,  682,  1045,  2145,  8848,  8856. Here are some CMV freq’s from John Garvy we just got: 12537,  41514,  47425,  47524,  48576,  48586,  48587,  48765. For our old machines divide by 10 to get the freq range. For example 48765 would be 4876.5 Hz. 

If you want to get inventive you might want to do the herpes freq’s we sent you a short time ago because CMV is classified as a type of herpes.      

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