More suggested Protocols for Lyme

 Dear Rifers,

For those that have lyme we program the following freq’s into the machine when you order it. These have been giving a herx. These came from a Dr contact who has been having very good success with lyme. Also, use the other groups in the manual. Start with only 1 minute each, not 2 or 3 because you will get too much die off. Here they are: 630,  533,  306,  673,  432 master frequency,  800,  8020,  338,  625,  610,  2016,  2017,  597,  699,  505,  2050,  254,  785,  4880,  4870,  239,  846,  786. Take a probiotic after doing these frequencies. 

One gal with lyme that just ordered a BCX Ultra says she feels better now in between herxes than before she got the disease. Irionically, after she ordered the machine she found out her Son has lyme also. They live in Mass. and the Dr there says it is the worst summer he has ever seen for lyme.

Happy Rifeing,                  


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