H7N10 Pandemic Fungus

Also, some great news, attached is the final set for the H7N10 cure ( https://www.hymbas.com/rife/H7N10FinalCure.pdf). It works perfectly, is tested, dusted and done. I would love to take full credit for this but my friend Marie is unbelievable and has fully developed this set based on exhaustive testing and analysis. It, by all means, should form part of a chain set on all new BCX ultra’s as it wipes out practically ALL the different variants of flu with one treatment. This is indeed a breakthrough method of curing this epidemic.

The flu season has really hit hard here in Sydney … Before leaving for Adelaide last week to visit the parents with my daughter, she was coming down with itchy ears and a sore throat which was stopped in its tracks using the original H1N1 set that I sent to you.

Well … on the plane it was like a cavern of sneezers and nose blowers! Nearly every third person had some sort of cold.

I took my BCX with us in my luggage to show off to Mum & Dad. I’m glad I did. Almost twenty four hours later my glands in my neck began to swell up and I felt like I was coming down with something. Mum and Dad (fitness freaks) were very dubious of my Rife but Mum was also showing some symptoms of a cold … Dad was actually quite scared of the plasma tubes! lol

Anyhow, my daughter told my Mum just to sit down, get a cup of tea and watch some TV whilst I ran some sets on myself and her. It’s so exciting and rewarding to see my 13 year old daughter operate the BCX as if she owned it! Lizzy dialled up the chained sessions that I had made and we let them run. My dad disappeared into the shed afraid of the outcome.

One hour later … almost to the dot … Mum mentioned she felt a lot better, her sniffing had stopped. It took several more hours before my glands went down but my symptoms and the feeling of coming down with something went.

The next day, my dad, who ‘never’ gets colds, began to show symptoms. He refused to be treated and has spent the week coughing and sniffing with stuffed sinus etc. I tried to insist he be treated before we left but … you can lead a thirsty horse to water but you cannot make it drink the water!

Dads still sick but my mum, Lizzy and I are in perfect health! When will people wake up! lol

That’s proof enough for me that this works perfectly. The secret of course is getting the correct frequency for the problem(s) and treating them early … Before secondary infections occur.

FYI, I also make my own 22ppm Colloidal Silver and Black Salve for personal use. These are ‘life saving’ treatments and when used carefully can produce amazing outcomes for the most dire prognosis.

I love my Rife! and like you have now decided to construct my own website to further help others interested too.  I have registered the domains http://www.rifeman.com/ & http://www.rifetolife.com/ only just started but with your permission would love to place your site banner on my page when its ready. Finding time to do it is the challenge!

Best of health for now!



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