The Remedy for H1N1

The Cure for H1N1

The Rife based cure for H1N1 (which is a blend of influenzas including Swine, Avian, 1993 strain, Spanish flu, and pneumonia) is as follows:

Using a frequency generator with two channels, Sine or Square wave:

Duty cycle 90%, all frequencies for 2 minutes.

2.4 Mhz (2,40,000 hz) the carrier frequency.

Channel B – 1,674,000 hz (Rife Influenzas)

Follow with 688, 975, 777, 2688, 660, 709.2, 2838.5 (Pneumonia Mycoplasma)

336, 712, 278, 18910.09, 941.93 (Pneumovirus)

522, 615, 778, 850, 959 (1993 Influenza)

462, 787 (Spanish Influenza)

5000 (Avian bird Influenza)

413, 432, 830 (Swine Influenza short set)

332, 776 (A-strain Influenza)

784, 787, 788, 788.24, 318000 (Sore Throat)

Repeat every 12 – 24 hours as needed.

To clear mucus in lungs and bronchial – 318, 307.9, 568 (Lung Tonic)

Stay warm and drink 3-4 glasses of spring water per day.

Avoid eating dairy, pigs and chicken due to the nature of this disease.


This frequency combination cured two humans and a dog quickly. This set produced immediate results. Rife’s original notes were reviewed and the breakdown of the parts of H1N1 analyzed yielding the above suggestion. The human who experienced the worst symptoms improved greatly within a few hours, on the first exposure to this set.

The dog received treatment by laying in the same room while the treatment was broadcast to human by pad device, the results were immediate cessation of heavy exasperated breathing, running nose and sick eyes; soon she was up wagging her tail back to normal.

The other human experienced minor symptoms for one day, and when this H1N1 set was used it yielded results of good health within a few minutes. The next day she was no longer feeling sick.

Diann, the H7N10 will knock the H1N1 on its head. So using the H7N10 set is the way to go for future variants.



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