Get a Face Lift with our BCX Ultra Rife Machine

BCX ULTRA RIFE FACELIFT ACCESSORIESWhen you use our BCX Ultra Facelift Accessories with Rife Frequencies, you will see some amazing benefits. Many busy  people do the facial toning program while reading or watching TV.


Cosmetic electrotherapy, which dates back to the late 19th century, has been extensively researched and accepted in its field. It is a beauty treatment that employs low electric cur­rents, or microcurrents, which are passed through the skin to produce several age defying benefits. It is known as a “non­surgical facelift”. The microcurrent is delivered through hand held electrodes that are applied directly to the face and neck. These small, lightweight electrodes produce skin sensations that are barely perceptible, offering comfort and ease of ap­plication. Experts agree that the underuse of certain facial muscles causes our skin to sag over time. The electric currents trigger these muscles to fire thereby increasing muscle tone and tightening up the face. Designed to regenerate skin, the BCX Ultra also offers rejuvenation to skin damaged by sun­burn, acne, stretch marks, cellulite and even scarring.


After several treatments, you will notice improvements in:

• Facial circulation
• Skin exfoliation
• Lymphatic drainage
• Product penetration
• Smoother skin with a more youthful appearance
• Improve sun damaged skin and skin pigmentation
• Increase cell health of facial skin and underlying tissues


Red L.E.D.’s:

Diminishes, Increase collagen production, Reduction in redness, Increase healing

Green L.E.D.’s:

Decrease hyper-pigmentation, Treat dilated capillaries, Soothes the skin, Anti-inflammatory, Treat under circles, Treat mutated cells/tumors

Blue L.E.D.’s:

In Reducing blemishes/acne, Promote clearer skin, Minimize pore size, Treat SARS/psoriasis/eczema


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