Get a Face Lift with our BCX Ultra Rife

When you use our Metal Cylinder Rods running the FACIAL Toning Program you will be amazed at the Face Lift. Do half your face for first so you can compare to the other side AND you will see amazing results. Then do the other half.

Frequencies for facial toning:  1.2  4.14  9.6  350  465 Hz. using SINE Wave. Some users will add the healing frequencies (MP 13) to their program for some added benefit.

Use the hand cylinders for facial toning. Hold 1 cylinder with a gloved hand (ie. Latex glove) and hold the 2nd cylinder with the other hand to complete the circuit through the face. If you use latex gloves then more of the energy will penetrate the face then travel down your hands. The gloved hand wand will be used on the face. Roll the ungloved hand wand up & down the face, avoiding  contact with mouth & eyes. Around the eyes & mouth is fine. You can choose to do one side of the face first and then repeat the session on the other half of the face. After the first half of the face you can compare with other half to see results. You will feel some tingling. If the tingling becomes uncomfortable then just lower the intensity. Most people do 2-3 min per frequency. Some people prefer a moistening agent while using the cylinder on the face. Coconut oil is a favorite for some of you.

Some report added benefit by using the red LED on the face. A common method used is to very slowly pan the face in a circular motion.

Many busy  people do the facial toning program while reading or watching TV.

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