We recently had a litter of rabbits. The momma kicked out the babies (it happens) we lost 4 out of the litter, one was clearly “stretched”, it had no movement from the ribs down. We checked for feeling to touch, nothing. My daughter asked if we could try the rife machine. It was a very terrible situation usually the animal MUST be culled. The rabbit’s breathing was fast and labored, it would respond to touch everywhere else on it body but nothing ribs down, he was dragging his legs unable to rotate his lower half. We used program PP. 919 (spastic paralysis), sine wave, Hoyland, and I adjusted the default carrier wave from 44,000 to 100,000.  At the end of the session, he could move his tail. The next morning, he looked perfectly fine, moving like normal. We gave him a second treatment. You could actually watch him try out each leg, figuring how it worked. We are shocked! we have literally had hundreds of rabbits currently there are 35. (she breeds them to sell to the local store where they are sold as pets). We’ve had situations like this lost almost entire litters. It has been 48 hours and he appears to be just fine.

Picture of BCX Plasma Raytubes on Rabbit - pic 2 Picture of BCX Plasma Raytubes on Rabbit - pic 1

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J. Shinn (Testimonial)

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