Another Happy Hymbas Customer with our Hymbas Rife Practitioner!

Good new day! I hope all is well! I just wanted to leave a review for Jim Dier. He was very thorough, patient, intuitive and knowledgeable, and I really enjoyed the many tips he gave me, and the custom-made program to use on myself! Thank you Hymbass for this Initiative; it is very helpful and provides added confidence in the machine and its powers. I am using it as per Jim’s program and I love it! I also helped many of my friends get better which makes me even more of a fan! I am very happy with having spoken to Jim and all the valuable insights I gathered, and I appreciated greatly his generosity, care and attention, He is a true Gift! I highly recommend Hymbas products and love the opportunity offered for a free hour with a wonderful Intuitive Healer who truly cares.

Looking forward to the upcoming plasma tools and to being able to afford the Facial and Foot accessories!

many thanks and blessings!

Malika a very happy customer

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