Finally a Night Sleep – Insomnia/Parasites

Dear Sir, 

  With the little bit of time I have had with this machine, I have tosay that it has already created some miracles.  For the past year I  have been treating myself for parasites with mild success.  Over the  past 5 years I’ve had cyclical insomnia or just difficulty falling  asleep.  My sleep has been very fragile and interuptions in my sleep such as my son getting up in the middle of the night have produced  many “stay-ups” for the rest of the night.  After doing about 6 different frequencies at 3 minutes each my parasites are undetectable and I’m sleeping like a rock! I just feel much more calm.

 So far this machine is working quite well with my patients and I’ll  just need some more time to fully access the wins.  This is very exciting stuff!

  Talk to you soon.

  J. H. DC

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