babesia & lyme

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and a co-infection babesia in April 2004. I was told that the only way to eliminate the lyme was to treat the babesia first. So I immediately started using my BCX Plasma Frequency Instrument “rife machine” with the babesia frequencies. I ran the frequencies for 3 minutes each, every couple of days, and after 2 weeks I decided to move the frequency time from 3 minutes to 7 minutes. I can tell you now not to increase the length of time that much that fast, but instead to gradually work up to your desired level. After one treatment at 7 minutes each frequency I broke out 24 hours later with a severe rash located around all my joints from my neck down. Followed by 10 days of severe muscle and joint pain, the likes of which only aspirin could relieve. A trip to my osteopath the next day confirmed that I was dealing with a severe herxheimer reaction due to the fact that my liver and kidneys were overwhelmed with the die off of babesia. Unable to detoxify that much waste was forcing the toxins out through my skin around my joints. Babesia and Lyme tend to reside in the joint areas. I decided to go back to the 3 minute range when I started feeling better weeks later and then several months later I decided to try the 7 minute time period once again. And once again I had the same results only not nearly as bad. Since then I have ran the BCX several times on 7 minutes with no more die off. I have since been tested for the presence of the babesia parasite and the test was negative. I can “honestly” say the BCX Plasma Frequency Instrument eliminated the babesia. Never once did I take any pharmaceutical drugs other than aspirin.

Greg L.

South Central Nebraska

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