Practitioner Praise – “Can’t be more thankful”

Good Afternoon Diann

We have just finished our ‘free session’ with Mark.He is a pleasure to deal with.

Our daughter Keleigh has been struggling with Lyme disease for in excess of 7 years to the extent that her life has become very limited. Mark took a significant  amount of time to understand all the Lyme challenges that she has faced. He was very empathetic and knowledgeable of all the various co-infections that she has, and indicated that there were many of his life patients who have struggled with  the same persisters and that the protocols and his experience has been very helpful to those sufferers with many having significant recovery. He was very clear in describing the challenges and ‘painted a realistic picture’ of no quick fix and that time and patience would lead to a better life.

I can’t be more thankful for the connection with Mark. I have dealt with him from the moment that I first called BCX——and he has been terrific—a true professional who cared about our challenges.

BCX is lucky to have him as a practitioner and he is a wonderful representative for your company.



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