Cure for Crohn’s is very easy (another success story)

Hi Diann,

Use 2.4Mhz! Not 4.68Mhz! (carrier wave) I received your email with tracking and will return the unit I have upon receipt pronto! Have some very exciting news. I cured a serious lung infection and flu in 8 hours! Yep … I used both RIFE and Chlorine Dioxide. My client was dumbfounded at the outcome as she had been suffering for weeks. The doctor was baffled. I wasn’t baffled at all. Also, reduced and have almost eliminated symptoms of Crohn’s disease for a friend of mine who had been having at least three serious painful attacks every other day for the last five years. Three days after a mild Herx following my treatments, she has only had one brief and mild case over the last three weeks. Sensational! I made a special frequency sets to target two strains of bacterium in relation to Crohn’s.

Love it! Craig

Hi Diann,

The cure for Crohn’s is very easy.

I make my own 24ppm Colloidal Silver. Use 20ml (capful) of Colloidal Silver with three drops of 70% DMSO on an empty stomach at least one half hour before food twice a day. When waking and before dinner. Continue this for three months. Take a good quality pro-biotic at lunch such as,673.htm

Destroy the Mycoplasma with RIFE using the following set:

388.6, 543.6, 709.2, 777.2, 1087.2, 1554.5, 2174.3, 2838.5, 3109, 4348.6, 6217.9, 254, 484, 610, 644, 660, 690, 727.5, 688, 777, 790, 864, 75, 986, 2688, 2900

Destroy Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis with RIFE using the following set:

14, 20, 333, 523, 768, 786, 440, 660, 690, 727.5, 802, 1550, 810, 832, 880, 2K, 10K, 95, 60, 100, 110, 428, 600, 625, 650, 680, 776, 787, 3K

Herx will occur for 72 hours or so … very uncomfortable bloating and mild inflammation which will leave the body soon after.

Repeat the treatment every week for three weeks.

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