Candida Blast

You’re welcome, Diann!

My husband and I did a candida sweep a couple of days ago – WOW!  We are completely convinced this really works!  We both could not sleep, due to a strange “flu-like” feeling..we are still feeling the  general malaise  from the toxic by-products of the destroyed pathogens from a few days ago…but at the same time –  we are feeling so much better already!   We were “glad” that we were feeling “bad” because we knew it was actually killing the fungus in us….can’t wait to try other  programs.  It’s giving us peace of mind- knowing we have this BCX Ultra  technology for preventative healthcare and ongoing health maintenance in our lives (in spite of the troubled Obamacare times!)

I am letting everyone I know – know about the BCX Ultra.  Thank you and also thank the engineer (s) who have created this machine….

Best Wishes,


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