thank you for referring me to Dan

Recently my husband purchased a Rife machine. Included in the purchase of the machine was one complimentary consultation with Practitioner Dan to discuss the operation and tips for using the machine.

Dan explained that he provided services as a private consultant to Rife machine users. He offered two options to retain his service which were either a flat fee or an hourly charge.   Because Dan had worked with others who had my husband’s same issue and could share with him frequencies that others had found helpful he began working with Dan and the programs he provided.

Dan made it clear from the first conversation that he was not diagnosing or treating any medical condition. He was sharing information that others had found helpful and the decision to use this information was completely ours.   All future conversations included this same reminder and he further advised if my husband thought he had a serious medical condition he should seek medical treatment.

From the first consultation working with Dan has been a positive experience. It was immediately evident that he is passionate about helping the people he works with and cares about their wellbeing. He has been very accommodating with our schedule and has made himself available for calls anytime an issue arises.   He is willing to go outside the boundaries of just discussing the Rife machine and has shared his ample knowledge of alternative medicine. His personable approach and knowledge make working with him a pleasure.


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