Cure for Crohn’s is very easy (another success story)


Hi Diann,

Use 2.4Mhz! Not 4.68Mhz! (carrier wave) I received your email with tracking and will return the unit I have upon receipt pronto! Have some very exciting news. I cured a serious lung infection and flu in 8 hours! Yep … I used both RIFE and Chlorine Dioxide. My client was dumbfounded at the outcome as she had been suffering for weeks. The doctor was baffled. I wasn’t baffled at all. Also, reduced and have almost eliminated symptoms of Crohn’s disease for a friend of mine who had been having at least three serious painful attacks every other day for the last five years. Three days after a mild Herx following my treatments, she has only had one brief and mild case over the last three weeks. Sensational! I made a special frequency sets to target two strains of bacterium in relation to Crohn’s.

Love it! Craig

Hi Diann,

The cure for Crohn’s is very easy.

I make my own 24ppm Colloidal Silver. Use 20ml (capful) of Colloidal Silver with three drops of 70% DMSO on an empty stomach at least one half hour before food twice a day. When waking and before dinner. Continue this for three months. Take a good quality pro-biotic at lunch such as,673.htm

Destroy the Mycoplasma with RIFE using the following set:

388.6, 543.6, 709.2, 777.2, 1087.2, 1554.5, 2174.3, 2838.5, 3109, 4348.6, 6217.9, 254, 484, 610, 644, 660, 690, 727.5, 688, 777, 790, 864, 75, 986, 2688, 2900

Destroy Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis with RIFE using the following set:

14, 20, 333, 523, 768, 786, 440, 660, 690, 727.5, 802, 1550, 810, 832, 880, 2K, 10K, 95, 60, 100, 110, 428, 600, 625, 650, 680, 776, 787, 3K

Herx will occur for 72 hours or so … very uncomfortable bloating and mild inflammation which will leave the body soon after.

Repeat the treatment every week for three weeks.

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  1. D Bergy
    05/15 at 5:58 am

    Hello Craig.

    I have Crohns and am now treating it myself as medications just did not work.

    I have treated in much the same way as posted. I treat four pathogens:

    Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis subspecies Avium. (MAP)

    Mycoplasma Pnuemonia also mycoplasma fermentans although I am not sure I have the later.

    E-Coli. Not sure of the strain, but it is definitely involved.


    That is what I have treated and continue to treat and all of these resulted in lessening symptoms.

    Glad to see someone else identified and treated based on the pathogens involved with the disease. The results speak for themselves.

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