Synergistic Approach to Healing!

Hi Diann:

I wanted to provide feedback on my Hymbas practitioner session with Mark.    

I had my session this afternoon and it was great.  More than I expected. 

Mark was prompt and we were able to start on time.  I appreciated that he asked questions about my general health, diagnosis and specifics to make sure that I didn’t have any current issues that would interfere with the treatment.  He explained terms that I had not heard before and provided cost effective remedies regarding my water intake, foods to eat, supplements, etc. 

Mark was knowledgeable about the Rife technology and he approached usage of the equipment from the standpoint of optimal ways “to work Rife into my life” as opposed to “having Rife take over and consume my life.”  He was realistic about the commitment and discipline needed to get results, but understood that I need manage my time to make Rife a top priority.  He explained terminology that I didn’t know about and was knowledgeable about the challenges consistent with the diagnosis.

Lastly he used a synergistic approach as to how Rife is part of an overall solution that has to be balanced with sustained lifestyle changes of what I eat, what I drink, exposure and improved usage of today’s technology and environmental considerations.  He was patient, thorough and used words that I could understand.  I was confident and reassured of his experience and expertise in this area.


J. O.

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