Success w Horses & Dogs using BCX Ultra

I worked on an 18 year old mare last summer. I was told that she had a stroke and so I decided to give it a try. She was trucked to the farm where I work and then I found out that the stroke had happened 8 years ago. Seriously, my heart sank. I had little hope. Her left eye twitched constantly, she had a fluid mass slightly smaller than a tennis ball behind her left ear, her left ear had about 20% movement only and the whole left side of her face (you could separate the left and right sides almost right down the middle) was very puffy and had fluid just underneath the skin.

I decide on frequencies through muscle testing and gut instinct.

Circulation was my first thought. Ran PP# 264 circulatory stasis

Next thought was nerves for the eye. Ran PP# 828 for 12 minutes.

Then ran edema and swelling PP# 375.

I did not increase the intensity of the footplates. I held the wands and just leaned the footplates up against her hooves.

I have only met one horse that does not love this machine and I was unable to touch him with the machine either off or on! All others relax and drop their head and neck and often put their jaw on my shoulder. I used the wands on either side of the mare up by her ears.

Honestly would have run stroke recovery but did not know it was there (PP# 1121)

She came back a week later with marked improvement. The lump up by the ear was almost gone and the swelling improved. Her eye twitching was about half of what it was before.

Treated her with the same frequencies again and added muscles (to relax) PP# 806 as I have had good luck giving horses comfort with that set.

Honestly the owner did not contact me again but he is a fisherman and I knew he was busy. I hoped he was happy with the result.

I caught up with the mare again a month ago. My jaw hit the ground. She had 75% movement in her ear. Her eye barely twitches anymore. Her face is no longer swollen. I said to the owner “WOW”. He said could I work on her a bit more as she was back as a team penning horse and was a bit sore in and around her barrel. He informed me that all her other issues were almost immediately better after the second session so he did not bother to call back. I am still blown away.

Found out that she had colic surgery many years ago so I ran adhesions  (PP# 17) and muscle relax (PP# 806). I guess she is doing a bit better as I have not heard from him again. This time I turned the footplates up to 50%.

Falcon is a horse that has been at the farm for several years. He has always had swollen lymph nodes in his neck. Ran PP# 730 Lymph nodes in neck, swollen once and they were gone….! Have had to run it once a year for maintenance. They never get as large as they were though.

Rearing horses. Muscles to relax seems to work really well. Sometimes they rear because they are sore.

My next guy was pretty special. He was a boxer named Jessy. He was 7. He had severe spondylosis. He was weak in both sides on the back end and walked with hips that did not have much strength or control. Jess came to live with me for 3 weeks. Honestly I ran (PP# 1085) spondylitis every day along with muscles to strengthen (PP# 805) and every few days I ran nerve disorders too. Jessy loved the machine and came bounding over every time I took it out. He laid down on the plates and I held the wands near his hips. He was probably 30% better as long as I ran it every day. Then he went home and was as bad as before almost immediately. He lived two more months and then left his body for the next part of his journey. I guess I gave him three weeks of running and playing. It was too late for him. That one was a hard lesson to swallow for me.

Only a month later came a Standard Poodle named Rio. His owners adore him. He is 8. The vets sent him home with no hope. Rio also had Spondolysis. He was quite suddenly unable to get in and out of a low vehicle and was walking on the upper side of his right front paw. After Jessy, I was willing to try but had no idea what the results would be.

Three time a week I ran PP# 1085 on Rio. He was better immediately. He no longer had an issue with his front paw after the second session. The owners said that they thought he was slowing down due to his age and realized that he had been sick for quite some time. It was like he was young again. To be honest I was afraid to stop the sessions though. We went to once a week after two weeks. After a few months we went to once a month. Then the owners purchased a machine with two other people and they share it. Rio is well and still loves the machine and since sessions he quite likes me too . Just a little bonus as he did not connect with me in any way prior to our time together.

Royal Dancer. He is one of the most special horses that I have met. Dancer was colicing. The vet had been there twice and said there was nothing else he could do. We waited. I had not used the machine yet, but it was sitting in my spare room. Now was the time. Had absolutely no idea what I was doing or how I was going to do it. At that point there was nothing to loose. Dancer made me less afraid of doing the wrong thing with the machine.

I had someone hold both foot plates leaning them against his front hooves. The owner held him with a lead line. I held the wands under his barrel kind of on each side of his body from the underneath side. We ran PP# 277 Colic. At the 13 minute mark his whole barrel dropped several inches and he relaxed. We all saw it. Then he started to chew. Then he tried to bite the person with the footplates. We were thrilled! He only bites when he feels well!

The vet came back the next day expecting the worse and Dancer was outside in his turnout. The vet still thinks it was a stroke of luck that the colic got better.

I have come to realize how hard surgeries are on horses and always run adhesions (PP# 17) if they have had and large surgeries.

For show horses we often run muscles to relax before a show as they can get bigger and more fluid movements with relaxed muscles.

Diann: So sorry for the delay. I will write more special ones as they come. Thank you so much for helping me find this modality!

Stephanie Forsythe, RHN

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