Knocked out MRSA & Staph .. no Antiobiotics!

Hi Diann,

This is the frequency set I used to knock MRSA & Staph over night on my face. As you are aware it was from contact with towels provided at a sauna three weeks ago. I thought it was from a bite, but the right nostril inside and out became inflamed, weeping and lost all skin overnight. My forehead also had a spot above my right eyebrow which I remember scratching. This to got very bad very quickly. Literally overnight. Not much pain but a tremendous amount of weeping as the body tried to cover the exposed sub layer of skin. There was also a lot of inflammation. I went straight to the doctor and he diagnosed with a swab MRSA. He prescribe me CIPRO and asked me to report back if the infection continued after a few days. I went home and hit the BCX ULTRA RIFE for almost four hours using a combination frequency set I made up from several lists and saved it as a custom program.

The next day, the swelling was gone, inflammation was down and the skin was not being dissolved anymore. The weeping had stopped and was very crusty. Over the following week I continuously picked off the crust and exposed the skin underneath to assist healing. After four days I began to apply 70% DMSO which knocked off the remaining inflammation within hours.

After three days however it was obvious the BCX Ultra RIFE treatment had been successful.

No antibiotics were needed. I had cured myself.

My doctor was actually pissed off that I had not taken treatment but was stunned how much better and how advanced the wound healing was. It would normally take several weeks to get the healing result I got in less than five days.

Eliminate MRA & Staph – Preferably use Electrical Foot Plates & Hand Held Plasma Ray Tubes (using tubes next to infection appears to have immediate results) Run Minutes per Frequency = 2 minutes (total set 52 minutes) Duty Cycle = 90 Hz Gate =  Square Sweep Gate Frequency = 56.2 Hz Carrier Wave = Square Carrier Frequency = 44660 Hz Frequency (Hz) = 727, 786, 453, 674, 550, 1109, 424, 943, 1050, 643, 2600, 7160, 639, 1089, 8697, 60, 48, 727, 960, 728, 634, 644, 647, 745, 738, 744

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