I would never return this machine in a million light years

Hi Diann,

I thought I would follow up now that we have been using the BCX Ultra for a couple of weeks.

  •  First: My partner R. Waters used the machine and his sequences twice and his Fibromyalgia is gone. He has had constant pain from this disease for seven years now and all day every day. On a pain scale it was 7 out of ten. Two treatments and this pain is gone, it has been over 10 days now.
  •  Second: he has a serious back problem due to accidents from the past. He has had surgery on his back which gave him some relief for 3 years, but that was not permanent. Between Fibromyalgia and back pain he has been in constant pain. His back pain has decreased in intensity by 50%, it has been over ten days now. He was chair bound until we started using the machine. He has lost 20 pounds because he is moving around-doing physical projects both in the house and outside the house.
  •  Third: he had a migraine headache coming on a few days ago. We have a tailored sequence for migraines and with one short treatment he went from pain to relief, and was able to continue throughout his day without having to retreat to a dark room.
  • Fourth: I am treating for colon cancer. My results are not as yet quantifiable however I have noticed some very clear changes. In the AM after a good night sleep my energy level was high. However by the evening I had dropped considerably in personal energy. That was before the treatments. Now my energy level is the same and consistently the same from AM to PM. The only thing I can surmise is whatever my body was fighting during the day and drew energy from me, was healed because I have considerable MORE energy daily.
  • Fifth: I am having no discernable side effects from the chemo therapy….I feel good most of the time and I attribute this to increased energy and internal healing from the machine.
  • Sixth: my last visit to the Chemo infusion lab was cancelled because I had a low white blood cell count, so they did not want to go with the treatment. I had to wait one week. During that period I utilized C.P. 13 (general healing program) as a means to increase my white blood count which was at 1000. Over a seven day period I did the treatment each day and then returned to the chemo infusion lab to continue that treatment. My white blood cell count was 4000; the doctor had said that there is no way to increase white blood cell counts-it is up to the bones/body. Well that theory was dis-proven by a four fold increase.
    • C.P. 13 Healing sequence to increase my white blood cell count. That brought me from 1000 to 6000 count in one week! Did not change any frequencies. I did ONLY do the ray tubes (hand-held)  (no electrodes) and placed one tube over pubic bone and the second tube in butt crack touching tail bone. I did not know that white blood cells are produced through the tail bone area?!

These are the beginning stages of using this machine.

  • I hired Dr. Dan to work with myself and my partner. To date he has spent “HOURS” interviewing our medical histories, designed particular sequences, and instructing me how to put these sequences in the machine. Also we follow up with him each week, and tweak things plus add other sequences and knowledge to the mix of how to utilize the machine to it maximum. He has spent hours doing this. This is the BEST doctor house-call on record; he has changed our life TO THE GOOD in a few short days.
  •  I am writing you this because you have been terrific in helping me get to this point. There is NO WAY I could have gained this much knowledge and RESULTS without Dr. Dan’s input. NO WAY.
  •  And this is something very important I want to impart to your company.

Hymbas has an instrument that can help millions of people; there is no doubt in my mind. I see the results and the numbers in a very short amount of time. I live by numbers and consistent results that is my business: direct response advertising. We put out an ad and then it asks for an order-if the orders exceed our costs it succeeds. If it doesn’t we have to change it until it does. There is no guesswork or hopefulness…..it must produce.

  • This has been my experience with Dr. Dan. He first gathered my medical history, then reconacted me and he had designed particular sequences which he went over and helped me program those sequences into the machine. During this lengthy process I became thoroughly familiar with how to run the machine. I was LIGHT-YEARS head on the video, yet I looked at the video again and finally understood what it was trying to instruct-after I was trained.
  • The result of this personal and professional input is my use of the machine, my partner’s use of the machine has been miraculous! I would never return this machine is a million light years, and there are numerous people who are waiting and watching our progress. They’ll eventually turn into customers because I am quantifying our results. IT would not be happening without Dr. Dan as a guide. I would still be struggling and probably not getting the results by going off the manual alone. I my not have even mastered how to use the machine yet, much less getting into the sequences.

Thank you so much for giving me this guidance and the BCX. It is saving my life.

Best-C. Forrest

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