Replacement BCX and SARS/New Corona Virus

Yes, a carrier freq of 2.4 Mhz is what I used, but harmonics work also. Naturally 45 khz is a good harmonic used for the plasma (hand-held ray tubes). I recommend each frequency be used 1 min for the first sweep, then 2 or 3 minutes additional runs. I run the 3 min sets at night time, just let it play, wake up feeling refreshed. A maximum of 3 minutes each active element works wonders.

In a persistent runny nose, play the first part of the set down to TB a few times, in 1 or 2 minute sweeps. Each disease element produces a different reaction to the frequencies that kill it. I like to note each cough, sneeze, and nose blowing as the active frequencies to know what I’m dealing with. Rhino Pneumonia is an irritating, persistent runny nose new to the set.



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……. Once again thank you Diann, brilliant service!

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P.S. There is a serious new SARS/New Corona Virus illness hitting here and in the states, hospitals don’t know what it is, or how to do anything about it. My friend recently reported to me that “the boy down the road stopped breathing twice and the hospitals couldn’t help. Both of my children contracted it, 102 fever overnight.” Like me she is an engineer and has found the correct frequencies to kill the virus off quickly. She also reported that “the fever left and both kids returned to perfect health right away.”

Thats a brilliant outcome and I am incorporating the sets into the replacement unit Roger sent me.

Attached are the frequencies used to resolve the virus within a couple of hours. They have been tested several times now by my friend and work perfectly. The disease reported is a combination of Coronavirus, Influenza, Adenovirus, E.Coli, Streps, Staphs, and Respiratory Synctical Virus. (refer to

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