Making Frequency Water w/ the BCX Ultra Rife Plasma Raytubes!

Our BCX Ultra Rife machine raytubes are 40 times more powerful than electrodes and emit scalar waves, making them ideal for the process of imprinting the frequencies you want into water.

Making frequency water is not that difficult at all with the BCX Ultra Rife Machine. For those not familiar, frequency water is water which has the frequencies of a program or programs from the BCX Ultra Rife Machine imprinted into the molecules of the water, which is then able to be safely consumed.

To make the water is very simple. You first need to find 2 matching containers to hold the water. Plastic will work, but glass is recommended. Finding bottles where you can have the raytube inserted into the opening, but the handle prevents it from going further is necessary. Some people make their own modifications to the containers.

Fill each bottle about 3/4 full with purified water (because when you put the tube in, the water level will rise.) Be sure to NOT get water near the handles of the raytubes!!

Set up the BCX Ultra Rife Machine above the level of where you will have the bottles in order to prevent accidental water getting in the unit. Plug in the raytubes and footplates and place the footplates together, touching each other on a stable, flat surface. Place one container of water on each footplate and carefully place the raytube into the water. Be sure the raytubes have been cleaned before this! A small amount of alcohol on a paper towel will do the job, but when cleaning, keep the glass portion pointed downward so no liquid can run into the handle area.

Power on the BCX and run the desired program for the normal length of time. The water can hold 40 frequencies and they will remain imprinted for 48-72 hours.

When finished programming the water, shut off the BCX Ultra Rife Machine and carefully remove the raytubes, holding them with the glass portion pointing DOWN so no water runs into the handle and dry them off immediately.

Enjoy drinking your frequency water! It can be chilled, boiled, or frozen without changing the structure of the imprinted frequencies.

*NOTE: This cannot be done with electrodes or any other Rife devices, including plasma tube radiant units.

Example of BCX Ultra plasma Ray tubes imprinting water
Using the BCX Ultra Rife Machine raytubes to make frequency water.

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