BCX PEMF Standalone Box w PEMF Mat & concentrator


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFT), also known as PEMF, pulse magnetotherapy, and pulsed magnetic therapy. PEMFT is a therapy technique used in many ways, for example in depression   orthopedics treating fusions, fractures. When dealing with bone healing, PEMF sends magnetic pulses through the tissue where the magnetic pulses sends an electrical signal stimulating cellular repair. Multiple studies have shown how effective PEMF is in healing wounds, reduces inflammation, alleviates pain and many other conditions. Trials have been conducted by rheumatologists, hospitals, neurologists and physiotherapists. Made w copper coils. Copper has antimicrobial effect.

Wikipedia Definition & information on PEMF Therapy details


Potential Benefits: 
• Improved macro (blood vessels dilating )   micro (increased capillary blood flow) circulation 
• Increased partial oxygen pressure 
• Improving blood’s ability to transport oxygen to the red blood cells 
• Improved cellular metabolism 
• Strengthens immune system 
• Healing   antimicrobial benefits of copper coils


“The first 3 times I used the mat, I could feel more energy going into my entire neck area where I have had stiffness and possible thyroid issues. My blood test later showed the T3 and T4 count to be normal after years of low thyroid function. The second time, I could feel it in my sore left shoulder. It seemed that the energy was going to the area where my muscles have been in knots for a long time…. from lynda”

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BCX Ultra PEMF Accessories: 

 BCX PEMF-Ultra Rife Mat

  – Runs Rife Frequencies & Earth Frequencies 
  – Frequencies: Modulated 10 to 100hz 
  – Wave Forms:  107usec Linear Ramp up/Linear Ramp Down Pulses
  – Variable Intensity, 
  – Power: 47 gauss
  – Dimensions: 6ft x 28″, 100% cotton
 Addtl Hw: connects w BCX Ultra unit & PEMF-Ultra control box   

BCX PEMF-Ultra Rife Concentrator

– Runs Rife Frequencies & Earth Frequencies 
  – Frequencies: Modulated 10 to 100hz 
  – Wave Forms:  107usec Linear Ramp up/Linear Ramp Down Pulses
  – Variable Intensity,  
  – Power: 350 gauss
 Addtl Hw: connects w BCX Ultra unit & PEMF-Ultra control box  
 – Desc: Concentrator is for targeted application. Designed for individual body regions, such as knee, wrist, elbow or any other targeted area.


FREQUENCY RANGEWider range of frequencies: BCX PEMF Mat/Concentrator all the way up to 1hz-100 hz (4 million hz w other BCX accessories). BEMER only runs from 10hz to 30hz.
POWER (in Gauss)BCX Ultra PEMF accessories are  higher in Gauss.  BCX PEMF Concentrator (350 Gauss)  and mat (47Gauss).BEMER gauss is lower, less than 10 gauss
PROGRAMS1300 BCX Ultra has 1300 prestored programs dealing w all types of health issues & can create your own. Only 3 programs
ACCESSORIESPEMF Body MAT & Concentrator, PLUS BCX Ultra is a rife machine & runs a wide variety of BCX accessories such as plasma light, electrodesm gel pads, LED light, facial toning & wrinkle reduction accessories, Far Infrared mat and microcurrent garments.  PEMF Accessories (Body Mat, Spot, Seat, & Pad) 
WIRE LAYOUT MATBCX layout – Serpintine  lay out to have a better body coverage.   BEMER layout of Coils.. poorly laid out  and there are spots that have no emission. The Beemer unit has 6 spots, evident on the picture, where the distribution of the field is concentrated. On other parts of the mat, there is no magnetic field. In general, wires that are far apart leave magnetic field gaps. If they are close together, the gaps are less The Beamer layout is not great.  cid680439250*image003.jpg@01D8F058.507C2090
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