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I have had my BCX Ultra (purchased from since May 2010 (over a year ago) and thought I’d post my views on the unit here. Keep in mind I am very skeptical to most alternative medical devices, and am very results driven. I do not succumb to the placebo effect, and find that acupuncture, sound, light and other therapies just don’t work with me. I have a technical background and don’t believe in magic.

In my opinion, the best all-round machine for treating medical problems using “Rife” frequencies is the BCX Ultra. I have had many remarkable results with my unit, curing everything from the common flu to chronic ear infections and treating more serious conditions like Systemic Lupus and Small Cell Cancer. The ear infection in particular was startling, because it cured the ear-ache within 30 minutes! I went from a throbbing ear to .. well .. nothing. Antibiotics always take a week at least before the throbbing stops. I used a DNA frequency set for the pathogen that was causing me the pain (Pseudomonas Aeruginosa).

My partner got the flu so bad she couldn’t move and was curled up in the foetal position in bed, shivering. Using the CAFL frequency set for the flu ( that was pre-programmed in the machine, she was cured in around 45 minutes, with no fever or aches. She was a skeptic, but she now admires the BCX and always makes sure I look after it and pack it away carefully after each use!

I cannot stress enough the need to get a good frequency set. The BCX comes pre-programmed with the common CAFL frequency set to keep most users happy , but for totally remarkable results, purchase sets from my friend Char Boehm ( and convert them to the highest frequency the BCX can put out. Do this by multiplying the frequency by 2 to get the largest number under 100kHz. Use these frequencies and be prepared for some incredible results. My best results came from using these frequencies.

There are some really exciting developments taking place with the BCX Ultra. Take a look at…Raytubes_Specs. Now there is a firmware upgrade which will allow the BCX Ultra to operate a high power plasma bulb at up to 4MHz! This will make the BCX an incredible machine! I plan to send in my unit to get this upgrade as soon as the firmware is available.

I did find the people at Hymbas exceedingly helpful when I bought my machine, and just want to spread the news on how I found their product. Even without the LED wand offer I would certainly buy the BCX Ultra again. Just make sure you get the plasma hand held wands, because I found they increased the effectiveness of the machine a million times over. Without them the results were mediocre. With the plasma wands there hasn’t any condition I couldn’t cure or relieve. Now I never use the copper contact electrodes.


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