How to increase ATP production in the mitochondria by 500% w the BCX Ultra (microcurrent levels)

Setting the BCX Ultra intensity between 2 and 33 will give you 50 uA to 1,000 uA using the BCX Ultra electrodes.

A famous study shows Microcurrent frequencies can increase ATP production in the mitochondria by 500%. It is often quoted by microcurrent enthusiasts. Here’s a link to the original study in case it is of interest to you:

Here is a very brief summary of what was found:

“it was demonstrated that ATP production increased five times with currents from 50 uA to 1000 uA. With currents exceeding 1000 uA, which is the milliamp range, ATP production leveled, and with 5000 uA ATP production was reduced slightly. Microcurrent was also shown to increase protein synthesis and amino acid transport.”

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