Even Hoyland (Royal Rife’s assistant) changed Rife’s Original machine

Some insight in to the evolution of Royal Rife’s original technology to todays modern rife machines.

“.. This brings us to the final point of difference in the two machine camps. Rife’s original machines were high-frequency devices. He found that the MORs for most bugs were in the radio frequency (RF) range, very high. So Rife’s frequency instruments were designed to provide maximum power at these higher ranges. Hoyland changed all of that—and in doing so, he messed with the frequencies. Hoyland’s idea was to convert Rife’s discovered MOR frequencies by translating them down to a lower [frequency]. The result was a whole new set of numbers, a whole new set of frequencies, a whole new set of MORs, a whole new electronic encryption method to scramble these new numbers, a whole new waveform, a whole new power signature (fundamentally different than the old one), a whole new bandwidth, a whole new approach—a whole new machine.

…. And what about many of the audio range (lower) frequencies that contemporary experimenters have been using for various conditions? Many of these numbers seem to work: users report feeling better. But what is contributing to improved well-being? It’s possible that—in addition to (or instead of) microbe devitalization—the body’s immune response is being stimulated. Medical doctor Robert P. Stafford, a colleague of Rife’s who used the technology extensively until his death, believed that some of the frequencies, rather than killing or disabling microbes, were effective because they stimulated the adrenal glands and supported immune function, which helped the client’s own body fight the infection. But the wave shape had to be considered, too. Sine waves are gentler than square waves. What effects on the body’s tissue did each have, and did the different wave shapes affect microbes differently?”  Nenah Sylver, PHD – The Rife Handbook (2011 Edition).

We highly recommend getting Nenah Sylver’s The Rife Handbook to gain further information on the rife machine technology and various illnesses.

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