Herpes – Suggested Rife Protocols

A Rife Practitioner/ message therapists had 3 out of 3 people with genital herpes have their body get rid of their herpes by the following protocol: She used these 3 Frequencies for 20 minutes each. 2489, 2950 and 2347 Hz. It is recommended that you would use 1550 Hz for 20 minutes, also, even though she didn’t use 1550 Hz.

Many think that cytomegalovirus (Herpes 5) is also at the root of Herpes and that many people have this in their bodies. You may want to experiment with these frequencies, also.

This of course is using a rife frequency generator with radio frequency (RF). Use the BCX Ultra Rife Machine with RF and the correct wave form (a spiking wave). Wave type is imperative and with the powerful BCX Ultra plasma raytubes (direct contact to the body).

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