Health Goals ARE Attainable!

My wife and I have been married for over 50 years and staying healthy as we get older is our prime concern. We have experienced first hand the effects of using “Rife” frequencies in agriculture! We use Rife frequencies to keep our “Fishery” healthy and in turn it has also made our well water healthier! (The lake and well share the same aquifer) .We had some amazing things happen from just drinking the water! So I started doing some research about Rife frequency usage. I talked with people from several different companies about Rife machines and Rife therapy. Most were very  impersonal and just trying to sell something. It was totally different when I contacted Hymbas about the BCX!  

  I want you to know that the main reason we purchased and started using the “BCX Ultra” was because of , Hymbas Practitioner, Mark! If not for Mark’s true “professionalism” ( product knowledge and customer service) we would not be realizing the benefits of using “Rife” therapy, with such a quality, top of the line product! 

Mark has always made himself available to answer any and all questions on usage of the BCX Ultra and exceseriers and his knowledge and background on “Rife ” therapy is incredible! Never once trying to sell me something! 

We have a couple of months of use under our belts and have seen great results and have now enjoyed our first (one free) consultation with Mark. He has set up an initial Protocol for my wife to use. My wife and I feel like we are truly building a bond with Mark that we do not even have with our personal  physicians.

Because of the “BCX ULTRA” and the “Great Support” on “Rife” therapy, “Health Goals” are attainable!  

Thank you so much

W. B.

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