Defying My Diagnosis

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History Lessons

            I am no stranger to adversity. In my twenties, I was told I would live in pain and never run again due to bulging discs, which have been completely repaired through chiropractic care, acupuncture, and yoga (X-rays show a normal and healthy spine now). In my thirties, I went misdiagnosed with Lyme disease for six years, suffering from incredible pain, swelling, and bizarre symptoms doctors couldn’t figure out. My correct diagnosis of Lyme disease didn’t make things better. In fact, many believe you cannot cure Lyme disease, and those who do will tell you curing Lyme disease makes you worse before you get better. For three years, I underwent treatment, followed by another three years of recovery—and this was quick compared to most (usually takes as long as you had the disease to get over it). I doubled up my treatments, combing antibiotics with natural alternatives. This made the poisoning effect twice as severe. My philosophy was if I was going to suffer, I might as well be totally miserable and get it over with!

            Being a fitness professional, personal trainer, and wellness coach, I understood the importance of nutrition and exercise. I continued to work, exercise, and was committed to a healthy lifestyle to fight the wicked intruder who invaded my body.

             In 2010, I celebrated being Lyme and pain free by running a marathon. I certainly didn’t break any speed records, but I completed the 26.2 miles without pain. Victory! Life was good until . . .

Déjà Vu

          In 2013, I swelled up. Within three months, I went from a hard-core fitness enthusiast to a person who couldn’t pull up her own pants. I couldn’t pull or push anything. I couldn’t even start my own car or lock a door. Unlike Lyme disease, this wasn’t jumping around from joint to joint but settled squarely into my finger joints, specifically my index and middle finger knuckles—classic Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. Tests confirmed I no longer had the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria in my body; yet, I was suffering once again. My energy plummeted, and I had zero strength.

            My experience with traditional medical doctors has not been favorable. They are a hammer who only sees nails. Whatever their specialty, you can be sure that is what you will be diagnosed with. However, my naturopath was out of ideas. We had tried every natural option, including minerals, supplements, diet changes, rest, stress management, acupuncture, and massage. The time had come for blood tests by a Rheumatologist.

            I knew this was serious, and I dreaded the outcome. I went with apprehension. The tests were taken, and when I met with the Rheumatologist, she confirmed my greatest fear: Lyme disease damaged my immune system, giving me RA. I wasn’t sure I could go through another battle for my life, but here I was.

What is RA Exactly?

            Unlike osteoarthritis (joint pain cause through normal wear and tear), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease where the body’s defense system malfunctions and attacks itself. In RA, white blood cells, which normally fight infection, attack the lining of a joint causing inflammation (swelling). This inflammation leads to a release of proteins that thicken the joint lining. The proteins can also damage the cartilage, bone tendons, and ligaments near the joint, eventually destroying the joint itself []. Recent research is discovering that Lyme disease is at the root of many autoimmune systems. This is a huge break through! If only medical doctors would treat the source.

            Doctors determine RA by looking for a variety of antibodies typically present in 70 to 90 percent of people with RA, or the RF factor. RF can be found, however, in people without RA or with other autoimmune disorders [www.webMD]. Back when I was struggling to find out what was wrong with me, doctors had three clear markers for RA. I only had one, inflammation, which meant they couldn’t diagnose me, even though some tried. Today, Rheumatologists look for seven different factors and decide you only need one to be diagnosed. Other factors include your CCP (another antibody), sedimentation rate (degree of inflammation), and C-reative protein (CRP).

            My blood results showed two factors. When I asked how she could diagnose me with RA, the doctor replied, “Because your RF is 350, and normal is below 14.” As much as I wasn’t a fan of traditional medical doctors, I couldn’t deny the facts. The doctor sat me down and said my RA could eventually cause blindness, and most people die young from failed organs due to the drugs taken to treat the disease. But, “you will be able to live a normal life while on the RA drugs.” And speaking of the drugs, one wasn’t strong enough for my case. Another would only last about four years and would require me to continually add additional medications, all of which had horrific side effects. My chances of cancer would increase 70 percent, and I would basically lose all ability to fight off ANYTHING because the medications would shut down my immune system completely. They would do nothing about the problem but simply manage the symptoms. I was discouraged, to say the least. But, I am a fighter.

The Royal Treatment

            I took all the brochures home and researched RA on the Internet. I looked for alternative ways to approach RA. At about the same time, a former client from Colorado emailed me an article regarding a gal who used a Rife machine to heal her Lyme disease. We spoke, and I was impressed with what a Rife could do. I ordered a DVD and informational packet.

            I couldn’t find a practitioner in my area, so I decided to purchase my own: $2,500! This was a huge investment of money I didn’t have, but I believed whole heartedly in what it could do for me.

The Proof is in the Results

            I committed to running the programs, and within a month, my pain was gone. By month three, about 95 percent of my swelling disappeared. I did not return to the Rheumatologist but instead found another doctor who believes in alternative care. She ran tests, and my RA number went down from 350 to 24. Although still elevated, this was a huge victory! My body was resetting itself., something traditional doctors don’t believe is possible.

            Fast forward 13 years, and all my numbers are in a healthy range. From all accounts, I do not have RA and have been able to live my active life without pain.

Lessons Learned

             What I have learned through my ordeals is that we must first determine and define our diagnosis. We cannot deal with it or overcome it if we do not even know what it is. For medical ailments, do your homework. Become an expert on your illness! For mental or emotional hurdles, get honest with yourself. What negative attitude are you holding on to? What fears are lurking in the recesses of your mind? What false beliefs have you accepted? What barrier is preventing you from moving forward?

            Once we define it, we need to indentify our intentions. Let’s face it—some people do not want to get well. I have met too many people who get significance from their problem. They identify with it and label themselves as stuck. They rather talk about their illness than seek help or complain about being overweight instead of exercising. My intentions were very clear: great health with absolutely no sign of any disease and zero pain.

            Next, we have to accelerate our actions. Taking a few steps is fine, but if you truly want to defy your diagnosis, you have to be willing to go to extreme measures…like making a huge investment in a Rife machine. Trust me, you won’t regret it! Going against so-called medical experts can be freaking scary, I know! However, we are the commanders of our own health and destiny. Once you commit to taking aggressive action, seek like-minded healthcare providers and individuals to partner with along the path.

            This is where I can come in as someone who has walked this journey to encourage you and inspire you to keep going! I know how difficult the battle is and how you want to give up at times, but don’t! My coaching approach taps into my FIT Life Principles that enabled me to defy MY diagnosis.

Defy YOUR Diagnosis    

            Whether you have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease or Lyme’s or just have stinking thinking going on, give me a call. I’m not your typical coach. I’m a certified human behaviorist, personal trainer, and fitness professional. I also come from a place of faith. I couldn’t have overcome all the obstacles in my life without God. I firmly believe He can cure us if we will just believe it. Take a step of faith today and let’s get on a path of defying YOUR diagnosis.

Lorraine Bossé-Smith is a dynamic speaker, energetic trainer, results-oriented consultant, professional recruiter, high-performance coach, and fitness professional who transforms lives. She is the author of nine published books (including Defy Your Diagnosis: Overcome Any Obstacle with the FIT Life Formula) holds a B.S. in Business Administration with minors in marketing and communications, and is a certified human behavior and motivators analyst as well as personal trainer. Her mission: to help you defy your diagnosis!

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