“Confident I’m going to be well”

Dear Diane and  Customer service team of Hymbas,

My name is [T.H.] and I am a customer- client of yours.

I wanted to send you a personal thank you for helping me through the process of receiving the replacement beam tube that had been lost by fedex. 

I was so happy when I received it last week so thank you for that and your efforts to resolve it.

And on another even more important note,  I wanted to let you know that yesterday I had my consultation via phone with my Hymbas practitioner, Mark.

I had to write you personally to let you know how much I appreciate Mark’s knowledge, compassion and insights in understanding my particular needs as someone who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We had an absolutely wonderful consultation by phone yesterday and Mark is not only a genuinely kind and sincere person, he is extremely knowledgeable about this type of equipment and Rife technology. 

I now feel at ease and confident with the machine and being able to use it in my healing process.

Mark explained everything thoroughly to me and answered all my questions and also sent me an entirely written out document prepared personally for me that I could follow regarding my treatment protocol.

And it’s a great feeling of reassurance knowing that Mark will be there to help me through my healing process if I have any additional questions or changes.

So as I begin my healing journey, I wanted to send a personal thank you note and my sincere gratitude that I found your company and your technology to help me and heal me of this condition.

I feel very confident I am going to be well. Thank you all you all for the good service you are providing to people in need of such healing devices. 

Warmest wishes and regards,

T. H.

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