cold sore starting

I had my first personal success using the BCX ultra recently. I woke up one morning and could feel a cold sore starting. Cold sores on me are normally huge and track down past my lip onto the skin around it. They’re normally completely healed within 3-5 days, leaving a mild scar on the skin past my lip which takes a few weeks to resolve. I’ve tried everything over the years to stop the BIG blisters developing and eventually just learned to live with them. So this time I ran the herpes simplex/cold sores set of frequencies before work and again that night. I ended up with a single small blister, about the size of a match head which was completely gone the next morning. Needless to say I was impressed (and relieved!). I’ve used it with a few clients for constipation as well and it certainly seems to help them but doesn’t ‘hold’ so am experimenting with the different sets for various parasites.

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