BCX ULTRA Units vs Truerife

There are a # of differences between the BCX Ultra units and the Truerife listed below. The BCX has the widest variety of accessories that simply plug in to the BCX Ultra Deluxe unit and significantly more powerful than the Truerife machine.

The BCX Ultra Deluxe unit is both the frequency generator and amplifier (18 watt & then up to 150watts depending on the accessory).  Please refer to our page where we list Why the BCX Ultra & features for detailed info on the BCX technology, including a Buyers’ Guide. https://www.hymbas.com/bcx-ultra-rife-machine-buyers-guide.php

 BCX ULTRA Deluxe Truerife F-122   Truerife unit 
Country of Origin & ServicedUSA Made in USAMade in USA USA 
Warranty, Return3 yr. Warranty included, Option to Upgrade to Lifetime   60 day return (10% restock & ship fee) no questions asked.1yr Warranty 30 Day return, used 20% restock fee, 10% if not openedBCX stands behind its products w extensive return period & lengthy warranty. Free practitioner session w one of our HYMBAS practitioners. Option to upgrade to Life Warranty.
RepairsMade in USAUSA We  still service all of our original units from over 26 yrs ago USA Made in USA    **Stated on their site “We do not service any TrueRife products that are older than 2017.” 
Yrs ManufacturingOver 26yrs & over 30yrs of Research & Developent, 20yrs 
AccessoriesStandard Accessories  (4): Plasma RayTubes (30w, Noble Gas), SS Footplates, Brass Cylinders, Gel Pads.  Add’tl Accessories: HP & Std LEDs, Facelift Accessories, Microcurrent Garments, FIR Mat, PEMF Mat & Concentrator, HP Plasma BeamtubeMyriad mix of accessories, most don’t hook up to their Truerife generator and have nothing to do w Rife treatment. i.e. Grounding mat which doesn’t run rife frequencies thru it, uses the Grounding wire in your wall outlet which are sold as low as ~ $100 from other vendors. Another example is their Relief Rings that hook up to a cell phone ran by an app (little power, not ran from a rife device). They don’t list any specs on their accessories. Their plasma accessories are weak in power output and low frequency range.     Note: a # of their accessories are being discontinued  BCX has the widest range of RIFE accessories which no other rife machine has, nor the sophistication or power as the BCX accessories. New Powerful BCX accessories are coming out soon.
Required Computer hookupNO, completely standalone, Easy to Operate, Add up to 256 Custom programs, can modify any setting easily. Yes requires a computer hookup 
ProgramsOver 1300, add up 256 programs2000 programs 
Frequency Range1hz – 4 MillionHz 10,000 Hz. This is not enough to treat many health issues and not able to run Royal Rife Original frequenciesBCX Ultra runs up to 4 Mhz, 4 Mhz is enough to run CAFL common frequencies and Rife’s Original frequencies.
Power18 watts  – 150 wattsLow wattage 
Carrier Wave1hz – 4 Mhz (customizable)No Carrier Wave, ** Radio Carrier wave is not only important to deliver the frequency deep in to the body, especially thru the air, but also Royal Rife used carrier wave. 
Run multiple Accessories?Run up to 3 BCX accessories simultaneouslyNo not thru their F-122 
Wave TypesSquarewave, Sinewave, Square Sweep, Trapezoid, Triangle, Hoyland, Linear Ramp Up, Linear Ramp Down, Exponential Ramp Up, Exponential Ramp Down, Equal Odd Order Harmonics, Equal Even Order Harmonics, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3Square onlyTip: Why is Wave type important? see why BCX is only rife machine w this many wave types. BCX uses completely different electronics w 3 separate Microprocessors. Other manufacturers use a DSP (digital synthesizing processor) which is only capable of digital Square waves  see why  
Plasma Accessory:Conductive contact Plasma Raytubes see in action 30watts High Powered Plasma Beamtube (non-contact) 150watts  Weak Plasma accessoriesWhy the BCX plasma Ray tubes are so successful? details   Proof of BCX Plasma Raytubes power dramatically increases w body contact. view video
Plasma Gas MixtureProprietary mix of noble gases (Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Neon)They don’t state their gas mix.WHY: BCX usesNo helium, A helium molecule is so small that the helium gas leaks from glass tubes diminishing power & eventually doesn’t work
ChainingYES Chaining: Select multiple programs to run during a session instead of 1 at a timeNo 
SweepingYES Sophisticated Sweep Function (both Frequency & Carrier)No 
Gating Features & Duty CyleYES & Variable 10-90% DutyNO Gating & only 50% Duty 
Run Rife Original Frequencies w Carrier wave?YESNO 
International UseBuilt in converter?? It appears to but again not clearly stated 
SupportLifetime support w our knowledgeable team, access to our practitioners for customized protocols, includes Free practitioner sessionNo access to practitioners with your purchase. Phone & email support 

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