HAND-HELD RAY TUBES vs Metal Cylinders

  1. Royal R. Rife always used ray tubes with his frequency devices.
  2. Our hand held ray tubes complete the circuit by running through the body between the hand held ray tubes thus guaranteeing that the frequencies penetrate deep through out the body AND increase in power when you touch them.. even higher than our stated 30 watts!  check out the video showing this below.
  3. The ray tubes produce a much higher voltage than pad devices to push the frequencies deeper into the body.
  4. There is the magnetic effect produced by gas filled tubes (that can be tested) that especially when used with RF penetrates even deeper into the body
  5. Most people prefer the “soft” “energetic” “warm” feel of the glass tubes compared to the electrical bite felt from the metal electrodes.
  6. The hand-held ray tubes emit a carrier wave up to 100,00 hz (refer below to test data verifying this)
  7.  Our Hand-held Ray Tubes can also be used in combination with our metal footplates or any of our other electrodes (1 up to 3 apparatuses at once).. giving a strong total body coverage.
  8. Our Hand-held Ray tubes are also great for targetting a specific area and does not have to be held in the hand. The closer the tubes are to the area the more powerful it is.
  9. Many people report that watching the glass tubes ‘glow and flow’ has a relaxing, calming, softening effect on their body.

‘Scalar waves  are emissions that are not part of the  electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. A few innovative researchers have evidence that  some plasma devices emit scalar waves (as apparently did Royal Rife’s instrument)—and  that these scalar waves help regenerate  the body as well as possibly devitalize pathogens…’ Nenah Sylver PHD, The Rife
Handbook (2011 Edition)

7.  The BCX Ultra uses both methods (induction & conduction) developed by Dr. Rife and his two business partners, John Crane and John Marsh

The first method is the BCX Ultra hand-held Ray tubes & beam tubes. This method was developed by Dr. Rife and  delivers a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from electromagnetic fields, to electrostatic fields, to conductive electron flow (electricity), to light in the visible spectrum and beyond. Through this method the frequencies are delivered into the body using the ‘Induction’ none-contact method. Scientific tests known as ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ have been done which show that frequencies will penetrate the body verifying the method that Dr. Rife used.

The Hand-held Raytubes do use induction (like Rife’s original equipment), but when you hold them, a unique phenomena happens, wherein, by Conduction, significantly larger amounts of power are delivered. This is because each Raytube is operating at a different polarity from the other, causing great electrical attraction between them. This is an evolution of the Rife or Beam Tube that are incapable of this.

The second method is the metal hand held electrodes. This method uses ‘Conduction’ which is the direct-contact method of delivering frequencies through a positive and a negative. This method was used by John Crane and John Marsh. The ‘Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis’ scientific tests show that frequencies delivered by this method pass through the skin and penetrate into the body. There is only one drawback to using this method but it is overcome by using an RF carrier frequency. If you do not use an RF carrier frequency then the low audio frequencies will only enter the body and travel through the connective tissue of the body. But if you use an RF carrier frequency the low audio frequencies will enter the body and also penetrate the cells. For this reason the BCX Ultra has a carrier wave that can be set from 1hz to 4 Mhz (electrodes/BT-HFPCM2 beam tube) and up to 100,000 Hz for the hand-held plasma tubes. Because of these scientific tests we now set the default carrier at 100,000 Hertz.

Through the use of these two methods the BCX Ultra is able to output Dr. Rife’s RF frequencies. The BCX Ultra has a carrier frequency so that the audio frequency can be piggyback (carried) by the RF frequency (carrier) causing the frequencies to penetrate into both the connective tissue and the cells of the body. RF or radio frequencies above about 200,000 Hertz broadcast very well which is why they are called radio frequencies. Frequencies between 20,000 and 200,000 Hertz broadcast to some degree, while frequencies below 20,000 Hertz do not broadcast at all. Both the RF carrier and audio frequencies can be set anywhere from 1hz to 4Mhz.There are pre-stored programs with audio frequencies and carrier waves already set. However the carrier wave and other settings can be changed if so desired. The BCX Ultra gives you the ability to research and do your own testing. We are using 100,000 Hertz for the carrier default at this time because we are getting good results.

Misinformation on the BCX Ultra Hand Held Ray Tubes

There is some confusion out there about how the BCX Ultra Hand Held Plasma Ray Tubes carries frequencies through the body.  BCX Ultra Hand-held Raytubes use Conduction, Induction, and Radiation, however, the main method is Conduction. Here are some simple tests that a lay person can observe and perform to prove that we do use the conduction method.

  1. Lay both tubes next to each other about 4” apart and notice that the tubes glow dimly. They glow dimly because there is a little conduction through the air. Now, hold both tubes, one in each hand, and notice how bright they become. This is because you are now completing the circuit through your body allowing the full power of the ray tube circuit to flow through the tubes and then through you.
  2. Touch the tubes and you will notice that the light gets brighter where you touch the glass. This indicates that current is exiting the tube and into your finger touching the tube. Note: Our stand alone beam tube units do not show much of this phenomenon because they are using mostly the induction and radiation methods.
  3.  This is a fun experiment. Especially, if your partner isn’t aware of the result. Both you and your partner hold one of the ray tubes in your outside hand as you stand next to each other. With your inside hands let your hands droop down, palm facing down. Next, touch the top side of your wrists together and notice the pronounced energy flow you get as you complete the circuit. If you look closely while doing this you will see sparks of light.  This test is only for those that need a very strong sensual persuasion to understand simple principles of ray tube operation.
  4. View video on demonstrating the power increase when touching the BCX Ultra hand held ray tubes AND it actually is higher than our stated 30watts.

Now, you are wondering how electricity goes through glass. Wikipedia. says this. “The glass acts as a dielectric in a capacitor formed between the ionized gas and the hand.” [1] Most of energy of Raytubes is transmitted by Conduction, which is why you hold them. Yes, glass is an insulator, but at high frequencies, electricity passes through it because it’s dielectric characteristics change. It is NOT a direct current (DC) conductor, but it IS an alternating current (AC) conductor as the simple tests above prove.

Thank You, the BCX Ultra Group

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_globe


BCX Ultra Hand held RayTubes seeing RF (Radio Frequencies) by Agilent Spectrum Analyzer in the air through a Radio Antenna: (RayTubes are 120KHz)

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