Truly Amazing Healing!

Hello Hymbas,

My Testimonial using the BCX Ultra rife machine with the BCX Ultra RED LEDs:

My brother had 2 squamous cell carcinoma cut out of his legs. After 7 weeks of the doctor’s protocols for post surgery, they were not healing. I traveled and took my BCX Ultra Rife machine with led red for those and stayed with him for 6 days. We ran pp1228 (wound healing), one sequence on each wound and pp1156 (tissue healing) on 5 suspect spots for 5 days. He changed the post-surgical protocols to holistic methods stopping all petroleum products. When I left, there wasn’t much change at that point. 11 days later he sent me “after pictures.” Truly amazing as you can see:

Yes, only the BCX Ultra Rife machine RED LEDS – I was amazed. Also the suspect spots disappeared as well. He did use the colloidal silver I gave him after each treatment with bandages.

My brother is ecstatic! Thank you!


W. Mowrey

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