Able to enjoy coffee again!


Just a note regarding feedback.  Several weeks ago I spoke with Jim Dier and have applied most of his freqency and diet suggestions.  I am now able to drink coffee occasionally without any Afib. In fact my AFIBs have nearly all extinguished.  This is remarkable!  In addition I am experiencing a more restful sleep and my hand scabs appear diminished.  Jim has prescribed frequencies for candidia for this condition.  In addition his analysis of my historical cognitive functioning indicates I an highly right brain  which explaines some of my rather anomalous values and accomplishments. 

I am planning on arranging a second interview with him.

It is difficult to ascribe all positive results regarding the Rife Frequency machine as I am on hormone therapy. .   However, at 85 all my blood work and exrays are showing good results.   All tumors have either disappeared or shrunk by 50% or more.  I am a client at a local cancer clinic and am interview on  three month intervals.

Thank you.


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