Tremendous BCX Ultra related health benefits

Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 7:07 PM

Subject: BCX Ultra Service

 Hi, Roger:

As you may recall, I purchased three (3) BCX Ultras, one for myself, one for my brother, and one for my father.  I’ve witnessed tremendous BCX-related health benefits not only in my own family members, but also in my Lyme disease patients at Envita Medical Center.  I’ve incorporated the BCX Ultra into our comprehensive Lyme disease treatment protocol, which typically involves intravenous and oral antibiotics for six weeks or more.  In my estimation, the BCX Ultra (used privately at home, of course) is critical to eradicating Lyme disease after patients have completed the extensive IV and oral antibiotic regimen.  It’s really quite amazing and, at the same time, gratifying.  I routinely have patients inform me how much better they feel after extended private use of the BCX Ultra at home.  However, I do wish that I could duplicate these same successes in our cancer patients, many of whom are quite advanced (stage IV).

My brother has been using the BCX Ultra for Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome virtually every other day for almost seven months with marked improvement.  Clinically, I would estimate that his overall improvement is approximately 60%, which is remarkable, given the fact that he has had chronic fatigue syndrome and probable Lyme disease for almost ten years.  
Thanks very much,

Brent Korn

Brent Robert Korn, D.O.
Envita Medical Center
Scottsdale, Arizona

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