Treating Depression w BCX Ultra Rife machine + BCX PEMF Accessories

Let me introduce to you the subject of neuropsychiatry by working with transcranial magnetic stimulation by using our BCX Ultra Rife machine equipment along w our BCX PEMF mat. I just hung up the phone from talking to a Dr. in Mexico who does a lot of research with our technology. His latest quest is working with depression.

Here is the scoop: John Hopkins and other major medical centers are using 20 Hz for 40 minutes on the forehead with a magnetic coil for depression. They charge $500 which they say is a discount according to the Doc. It is reported that for some of the patients the depression is gone permanently with one treatment.

How to use our BCX Ultra Rife Machine + BCX PEMF Accessories equipment for this research: Our PEMF Matt has the highest magnetic field. It just barely pegs the trifield meter. Our BCX Ultra Double Bubble Beam Tube actually has a strong magnetic field when you touch the bulb as the Doctor said. The Double Bubble Beam Tube hits about 3/4th across the meter. And, we are pleasantly surprised that even our hand held plasma ray tubes have a good amount of magnetic field which pegs the meter just over half way. Also, (see the freq manual) 20 HZ is the main freq for addictions. Many people have reported they get phenomenal results with this program.

Until further research is in I would lay my head on our BCX Ultra PEMF mat rolled or put my head against the glass when using your Double Bubble and most of you with our handheld plasma ray tubes would hold the tubes on the forehead either side of center. I would change the gate to 20 HZ, run with no carrier and first try sine wave and if that didn’t work I would run it with square wave. I would also run it with sq pulse width. This will give you a pulse that the researchers are talking about using.


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