BCX Ultra Rife Treatment at the 6 month mark status.
BCX Ultra Rife Treatment at the 6 month mark status.

It’s been a tremendous six months since the day I unpacked my BCX Ultra. I have suffered with liver inflammation and chronic pain for at least a decade now, as well as PTSD. Then there are also my allergies, which are the worst at season change: winter to spring and summer to fall.

At the time of my session with a Rife tech (provided free by Hymbas upon purchase of the BCX Ultra Deluxe), I had just tested clear of Lyme Disease (contracted in June 2020 from two tick bites) after a full year therapy that started with three weeks of Doxycyclene and then Tradtional Chinese Medicine and a strict sugar-free, gluten free, (flavor free) diet in which I lost 30+ pounds.

Core Program

By the time I met with the Rife Tech, I had already compiled a “chain program”, a recipe of half a dozen short programs that I put together as a daily therapy for Gallbladder and Sinus, including a vertigo program. I run this chain program each morning. This is my “core” program, that essential group of frequencies that keeps me feeling good.


We laid out a plan to make sure the Lyme was eradicated, and this was to begin with weeks of detoxing, including a General parasite cleanse. I have always been skeptical of parasite cleanses (and still think a tot of of hem are bogus). And I have often doubted that people are as loaded up with parasites as they think they are.

However, I had enough of a Herx reaction from the general cleanse to launch on a more specific campaign against parasites in my liver. I spent a few weeks running Parasites Liver Flukes (900), then Parasites Pancreas Flukes (902), then Parasites Intestinal Flukes (895/896).


I started out with pretty severe Herxing each time I would start a new program. But my digestion over the two months that I was doing the different parasite frequencies definitely improved. Sleep improved. Poops improved.

Instead of the abrupt starting and stopping of each program for detoxing, I learned to gradually transition from one program to another, dropping one frequency from the current program every two or three days and adding a frequency from the new program. This didn’t entirely eliminate herxing, but it tones it down. I completed Parasites, Blood (878), and I decided to take a rest from running programs that kill infections/infestations.


After about three months on the BCX, using it only for Rife, I read up on PEMF technology and ordered the PEMF mat and Concentrator attachments from Hymbas. They were on back order thanks to COVID shortages, and they arrived in late August.

I was still running my core program every day. In addition, as my Trigeminal neuralgia would bother me (especially after any dental work), I would run that specific program. I must say, the BCX has been very effective, and its most effective program for me is the Trigeminal Neuralgia program. It is amazing. I start it, and the pain in my face and head goes down like somebody is turning down the volume.


For my first four months and a half months on the BCX, I experienced a lot of relief from my chronic pain and allergy inflammation. I hasten to say that I stay on a sugar free, dairy free (mostly), gluten free diet. I allow myself a small sweet treat in the weekend, and one beer per week if I am feeling good. So I felt very good but still had no energy. I wasn’t worried about this because I assumed that with my body clearing up so much stuff, I would not have a lot of energy. And it wasn’t like I was lethargic. I was very happy, just sitting in my easy chair, even though I knew I needed to be moving more.

Finally, in late September, I began to get my energy and strength back. I started and completed several little home projects and tried to spend the weekends in motion, taking care of the house and the dogs and working on projects for the house.

I run the core program daily, and I have added the PEMF to treat my liver and gallbladder. I use the Concentrator daily, placing it right over the gallbladder. Sometimes I have points of pain that can distinguish, and I move the Concentrator over those points on the liver. Just two weeks ago, my doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine told me that my liver has improved, as has my blood. This is after almost six years of the liver not improving.

I have also created a program that I have named BigBang. It comprises 19 of the most used frequencies across the board in the Rife universe, plus frequency 432 (which is a frequency that always makes me feel better). So that makes 20 frequencies. I use it prophylactically as a wellness program, sort of a broad spectrum sweep with the most effective frequencies to clean things up inside me.

For outright control of pain and nausea, the PEMF is often more effective than the Rife. But for longterm care and for hunting down bacteria, infections, and whatever it is that makes my sinuses clogged, the Rife seems more effective. What seems MOST effective is to use both. If you buy a BCX new and get the PEMF bundled with the Ultra Deluxe, the cost is only 5 or 6 hundred more (as of mid-2021). But f you buy the PEMF separately later, the cost is about twice that amount. So it is more cost effective to bundle them. I didn’t even know what PEMF was when I bought the Rife. So I bought it later as an add-on.

I have used other programs from the Rife handbook for short term illnesses as they have come up, and I plan to do Lyme detoxing and parasite detoxing annually. But the bulk of my therapy is my core program, my custom made PEMF program for my gallbladder and liver, and my customized BigBang program.

Now when I look back, it is hard to believe that I was as functional as I was while carrying around so much chronic pain. I also want to add that I think this equipment would be useless unless a person cleans up their diet. If you want to cut pain, you must cut inflammation, and if you want to cut inflammation, you must cut out all sweeteners across the board., as well as other inflammatory foods like wheat and dairy. You’ve got to get rid of foods out of a can or out of a box and start eating foods as your body is designed to digest them: fresh produce, fresh meat when needed. And divest yourself of the notion that raw is better. For weakened digestion, especially in cooler months, slow cooked or slow steamed is better.

I have learned that the Rife/PEMF are not magic. We have to learn about the way that they help us, use them consistently, and order our lives so that everything is working together to restore health. It is essential to learn what rifing actually is, to learn and understand the terms (frequency, wave length, etc) and to learn how to use the machine to its fullest extent. It is also essential to understand the vital component of diet, and to understand our own bodies and what is going on inside them.

But I know that even with everything else in place, and a good doctor of TCM who has been so helpful to me, I could not have achieved this level of recovery without my Rife/PEMF. I am so thankful for it.

Jeri M.

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