When running the BCX Ultra sidebands and direct Rife/Hoyland frequencies’,   you will use either the metal cylinders, metal footplates and/or   BT-HFPCM2. If using the BCX Ultra standard-hand-held accessories and when running frequencies near, equal to, or above   100,000Hz, use metal cylinders for best results in place of hand-held ray tubes due to faulty frequency output around   100,000Hz as evidenced by strange harmonics when tested using   sophisticated instrumentation. This is indicative of a lack of a clear   and accurate frequency output. This ‘only’ applies to the hand-held   ray tubes and Vortex. The BT-HFPCM2 beam tube & metal electrodes can   run any frequency or carrier wave from 1hz to 4Mhz with no issues.    At Whitman Technology, we are committed to honesty in engineering;   therefore, we disclose any technological limitations.

Philip Hoyland’s Audio Frequencies used with the listed

carrier to produce, through side bands, Dr. Rife’s frequencies

  Rife   #4-Scoon’s audio freq. BCX Ultra carrier in Hz   BCX Ultra   freq
    Actinomycosis/Streptothrix   191,803 Hz   191,800 Hz   3 Hz
  Anthrax   139,200 Hz   139,200 Hz   139,200 Hz
  B or E Coli   Rod   416,510 Hz   416,500 Hz   10 Hz
  B or E Coli   Virus   769,035 Hz   769,000 Hz   35 Hz
  BX Virus   Carcinoma   1,607,450 Hz   1,607,500 Hz   50 Hz
  BY Sarcoma   1,529,520 Hz   1,520,500 Hz   20 Hz
  Gonorrhea   233,000 Hz   233,000 Hz   233,000 Hz
    Pneumonia/Spinal Meningitis   426,862 Hz   426,800 Hz   62 Hz
    Staphylococcus Pyogenes Aureus   477,660 Hz   477,600 Hz   60 Hz
  Streptococcus   Pyogenes   719,150 Hz   719,200 Hz   50 Hz
  Syphilis   788,700 Hz   788,700 Hz   788,700 Hz
  Tetanus   234,000 Hz   234,000 Hz   234,000 Hz
  Tuberculosis   Rod   369,433 Hz   369,400 Hz   33 Hz
  Tuberculosis   Virus   769,000 Hz   769,000 Hz   769,000 Hz
  Typhoid Rod   759,450 Hz   759,500 Hz   50 Hz
  Typhus Virus   1,445,180 Hz   1,445,100 Hz   80 Hz
  Worms (from   Aubrey Scoon)   3,300,000 Hz   2,400 Hz

Rife/Hoyland Direct MOR’s

BCX   Ultra carrier in Hz BCX   Ultra freq.
  Anthrax 3,300,000 Hz 3,340,800 Hz 
  BX Virus Carcinoma 3,300,000 Hz 3,214,900 Hz
  Gonorrhea 3,300,000 Hz 3,262,000 Hz
  Pneumonia/Spinal Meningitis 3,300,000 Hz 3,414,900 Hz
  Syphilis 3,300,000 Hz 3,154,800 Hz
  Tetanus 3,300,000 Hz 3,276,000 Hz
  Tuberculosis Virus 3,300,000 Hz 3,076,000 Hz
  Typhoid Rod 3,300,000 Hz 3,037,800 Hz


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