Regenerating Nerve Damage

Good morning Roger!


I Rifed Tai Jackson ,a friends daughter on 15 August 2012. She had been in a car accident in November of 2006. A women crashed into her from the left side and crushed her nerve in the left arm leaving it permanently damaged.


Tai had:

1. Constant pain in her elbow

2. Could only extend her arm to within 30 degrees of the horizontal.

3. Wrist rotation was limited to 90 degrees from vertical to palm down.

4. Arm could not be bent toward the chest all the way.

5. The arm had no lifting strength.


I used the following BCX Ultra Prestored programs:


1. PP 828 Nerve Healing..

2. PP 602 Inflammation.

3. PP 865 Pain.

4. PP 806 Relaxation

5. PP 805 Muscle Strengthening


With in two hours of Rifing:

1. All the pain was gone.

2. She could extend the arm fully.

3. Increased wrist and hand rotation 90 degrees left and right of vertical for a full 180 degrees of rotation.

4. She can now fully bring her arm to her chest.

5. she has the strength to lift a gallon of milk.


Her Grandma and Grandpa broke down and cried.

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