Really Impressed; Very Excited!

Hello Diann,

I just finished the practitioner session with Mark and I am really impressed. He has a great knowledge and tons of experience with the Rife technology. Being myself in the alternative health field for the past 25 years and having pretty extensive knowledge in regards to many alternative therapies and products, we never worked with the RIfe technology. After today’s session I am very excited to start working with the unit.

It was really Mark who made us decide to go with the BCX ULTRA Deluxe and not with your competition. We were very close to buying the Pearl unit out of Canada. During my  initial call with Mark I asked a lot of questions in regards to your competition and their units. He patiently explained all the differences. I felt very much at ease with him and felt his honesty and love for the BCX unit. A huge difference between a salesman and an actual practitioner who knows the system inside out. The next day we ordered a unit for our Wellness Center.

Thank you very much,


Office Manager

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